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Star Wars™Star Wars™

Slave I™

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Find efterlyste med den legendariske dusørjæger Boba Fett ombord på den effektive Slave I! Denne eksklusive LEGO® Star Wars model er udstyret med roterende cockpit og vinger til flyve- og landingstilstand plus dobbeltskydere og skjulte blastere til at afværge angreb. Genskab tilfangetagelsen af Han Solo i Star Wars episode V: Imperiet slår igen, og let fra Bespin med oprørshelten indkapslet i karbonit i lastrummet. Monter podiet for at udstille dette ikoniske rumskib i sin karakteristiske opretstående flyveposition. Fire minifigurer med våben medfølger: Boba Fett, Bespin-vagt, Stormtrooper og Han Solo.

  • Fire minifigurer med våben medfølger: Boba Fett, Bespin-vagt, Stormtrooper og Han Solo.
  • Han Solo i karbonit medfølger også!
  • Roterende cockpit og vinger, sidelemme, der kan åbnes og indeholder skjulte kanoner og missiler, to roterende dobbeltskydere, lastrum og fremvisningspodie med faktablad.
  • Våben: speciel blasterpistol til Boba Fett, blasterpistol til Bespin-vagt og blastergevær til Stormtrooperen.
  • Minifigurerne af Boba Fett og Bespin-vagten fås kun med dette sæt.
  • Drej cockpittet og vingerne, og sæt dem i flyve- og landingstilstand.
  • Placer den karbonitfrosne Han Solo i lastrummet.
  • Åbn lemmene i siden for at affyre missiler fra de skjulte kanoner.
  • Udstil det store Slave I i opretstående flyveposition på fremvisningspodiet.
  • Genskab de klassiske scener fra Star Wars episode V: Imperiet slår igen.
  • Modellen er over 20 cm høj, 45 cm lang og 37 cm bred i landingstilstand.
Slave I™


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  • 4 days ago
    "The Ultimate Slave 1"
    | 14-18
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    This set tops almost all of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series (UCS) Lego sets so far... This set beats Assault on Hoth (not worth getting, set number 75098 and retired), Death Star (set number 75159) and many other UCS that are not listed. The only set that ties with this one is the Sandcrawler (75059). In my opinion. This set is awesome and totally worth getting. Minifigures: Boba Fett (10/10)- Really awesome minifigure and cool armour printing and helmet. Stormtrooper (9/10)- Cool average Stormtrooper with blaster. Bespin Guard (9/10)- Great to have for any Star Wars collection. Han Solo (9/10)- Good that he has two face expressions. One when in Carbonite and one for minifigure roleplay. PROS: -Way better than previous Slave 1 set (8097) - Excellent minifigures - Really cool design -Not a lot of stickers -Great price for lego set -Good play value -Awesome display stand CONS: - I would have liked more Stormtroopers or Bespin guards (this is not a big thing though) Overall Lego did a really excellent job with designing this lego set! I would highly recommend this lego set to a Star Wars lego fan or a Star Wars lego collector. Sets I recommend the sets below: - Sandcrawler (75059) - TIE Fighter (75095) - First Order Tie Fighter (75101) -First Order Snowspeeder -AT-AT (75054) -Imperial Star Destroyer (75055)
    Byggeerfaring: Ekspert LEGO bygger
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  • 20 days ago
    My new favorite
    | 25-34
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    Okay so I'm not really a die hard Star Wars fan, I like the movies and vehicles but don't own many SW sets. This was my first UCS set I decided to purchase cause I really like Boba Fett and was curious what Lego can do in this price range. As soon as I finished assembling it I felt that I made a mistake because now I totally have to buy all the available UCS sets. This set in my opinion is one of the best Lego has to offer and one of best sets of all time. The proportions, the size and details are perfect compared to the in movie ship. An amazing variety of building techniques were used. But you really have to see and build it for yourself to appreciate the amount of work and love that was put into this set. Now this is definitely no toy or playset. There are a couple of play features but the thing is so heavy and robust that you'll have a very hard time trying to fly it around or play with it. It was absolutely designed to be a display and I don't have a problem with that. There are a few stickers of course some of them can be tricky to apply but it's the only negative I could mention. Minifigures are average, Boba Fett himself is of course excellent, but otherwise you get a generic Stormtrooper, a Bespin Guard and Han Solo both in minifig and in carbonite. To wrap it up I absolutely recommend this set to anyone who like Star Wars and would like to build an iconic ship and have fun in the process.
    Byggeerfaring: Ekspert LEGO bygger
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  • 5 months ago
    Beautiful set
    | 35-44
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    I've been buying and building lego sets for about 3 or 4 years now as my boy loves it. Specifically the Star Wars stuff. The Slave-1 set is absolutely beautiful when built. It took me two sittings to complete it over 2 days, each one about six hours long but it never got tedious as with the Sandcrawler, it was a very enjoyable build overall. I love the UCS sets especially as they take me back to my own childhood which I get a kick out of. This one is really true to the ship from The Empire Strikes Back. The minifigs are great also, especially the Boba Fett one which you will only find in this set. The latest one from the carbon freezing chamber looks almost identical but the printing on the arms is unique to the Slave-1 set. Even the box is beautiful. My one gripe though is that we never got a Lando Calrissian minifig which would have been entirely appropriate. A word of warning though, be careful where you choose to display it if you decide to use the stand as initially I placed it on top of a chest of drawers in an upstairs bedroom and when i walked past it you could clearly see it wobbling precariously. (being a sixteen stone lardbucket doesn't help!) I may even buy another if I can get a discounted price because you can bet that this set's value will rocket once it goes out of production. Overall, well worth the price, gorgeous to look at and by some distance, my favourite lego set.
    Byggeerfaring: Avanceret LEGO bygger
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  • over 1 year ago
    Great building experience and result
    | 19-24
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    This being the first UCS set i ever bought it was everything i expected and more. The build was interesting and quite challenging, yet the 2 times i made a mistake it was relatively easy to fix. Pretty solid build for such a huge model with plates attached to the main build everywhere. Has quite some play features too, that big cockpit window is impressive to behold. Love how every side has detail. The stand is really a great idea, once on it really is nice to behold. Few nitpicks to note as to why it is not perfect(nothing is perfect): In the end i feel the window piece leaves to much open space at the front were it is not detached. I feel that could have been done somewhat different. the stand is a bit wobbly and once you put it on the stand you better make sure it is on it well and you better make sure that when shoving the stand with the build presented on it in the right location, you do it careful as to not have the build slide away and drop. I really hate the concept of stickers and rather have prints, even if the cost would go up thanks to that. Overall though, thanks to the looks of the build, the solid nature, way how it presents itself, the, entertaining build and the fact that it is on minifigure scale(we should get more star wars builds like that in my opinion) i would advice anyone with doubts about this to just go ahead and buy it, it is near perfection in almost any way.
    Byggeerfaring: Mellemgod LEGO bygger
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