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Schowek na baterie do silnika Power Functions

Price36,99 zł

Dostępne teraz

Schowek na baterie do silnika Power Functions4.3673549.
Ograniczenie 50
Ryzyko zadławienia.
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Add more power to your LEGO® Power Functions!

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Zwiększ moc modeli LEGO Power Functions! Dodaj jeszcze więcej energii i ruchu swoim konstrukcjom LEGO dzięki dodatkowemu schowkowi na baterie zasilające modele LEGO Power Functions!

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Schowek na baterie do silnika Power Functions

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1 z 13
  • 3 days ago
    The Weak Link in Power Functions
    | 35-44
    This battery box is dragging the whole Power Functions line down. It is too big, too heavy, and fantastically hard to change the batteries for it. Because of awkward angles it takes a fair amount of shaking and poking with a screwdriver to get the batteries out. These weaknesses combine to make the result even worse: because of the weight, the battery pack has to be built into the center of mass of the model, which means its tempting to use it as an essential structural element. That in turn makes changing the batteries into major surgery on the model. There has to be a better way! I try to use NiMH rechargable batteries for all household applications, but they need changing every 6 weeks, and they're heavier than alkaline, both of which hurt this product. I know they make a non-modular battery pack, but it costs as much as a big lego set, and will it still work in ten years? I doubt it. If you ask me, they should make a 6xAAA battery pack, where its much easier to change out the batteries. It might not be a valid power source for the giant pig 4-motor Bulldozer model that I suspect this pack was mainly designed for. But it would be a more reasonable size and bulk for normal vehicles. On the plus side: This part is pretty cheap by Power Functions standards. And the reliance on standard, AA-sized batteries means that these battery boxes will work just as well for your children as they will for you. Actually they will probably work better, since we can expect some improvements in batteries in that time.
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  • almost 9 years ago
    | 14-18
    Polecę klocki znajomym!
    This is a vital part of the power functions set, though LEGO could have designed it a bit better. Being so big, it is hard to integrate into a model and keep the model's coolness. I have to recommend this to anyone with power functions, for obvious reasons, but otherwise it is useless. It is not aesthetically pleasing, but necessary. It also does not have a very good system for accidentally leaving it on. It should have an automatic shut-down switch, because it drains batteries incredibly quickly. I use Duracell batteries, and they last for 2 months, tops. I think that there should be another power junction on the box. I know that you can stack the power cords on top of each other, but it would look better to have another. This way the cords would reach further. I am not fussed with the issue about the placing of batteries, for I can just use one of the cover plates to lever the batteries out. One of the best things about this part is the amount of peg-holes. This makes it much more versatile in the way of positioning, despite it's shape and size. I would make sure to get this with at least 2 motors, either type, and an IR receiver.
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  • about 1 year ago
    AMAZING power and great price!
    | 14-18
    Polecę klocki znajomym!
    if you want a lot of power, this is for you! I was able to easily power a M-motor, a L-motor, and 2 lights on it with power to spare! it is also a good deal when large amounts are needed.
    Doświadczenie W Budowaniu Z Klocków: Advanced LEGO builder
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  • 11 days ago
    A few suggestions for improvement.
    | 35-44
    1. One of batteries is getting fit into a painfully deep slot. You might flip your fingernail if you try to pry it out without any tools. Maybe install a simple cloth thread piece or a flexible film to help out battery extraction? 2. Six 1.5 V batteries are actually making a series connection: totaling 9 V output. So, why not just use a single 9 V battery instead of heavy and space consuming 6 AA batteries? 3. I know this is a toy and needs to be super safe. But the current output is a bit lacking. (I believe it clamps at around 800 mA?) It cannot operate two L motor with 2 kg of load continuously. The fuse kicks in too early. 4. Li-Ion batteries are being used on every mobile devices in these days. You can purchase them (even AA sized ones) in many tech shops or Amazon. Each of them provide 3.7 V of output. So, why not rather make this thing by thinning out 3 of AA slots to use those Li-Ions with a FET to regulate output voltage to 9V? It's gonna save a lot of space while improving operation period a lot!
    Doświadczenie W Budowaniu Z Klocków: Expert LEGO builder
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