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Star Wars™Star Wars™

Maszyna krocząca klonów™ — edycja rocznicowa

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Maszyna krocząca klonów™ — edycja rocznicowa4.5833512.
Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
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Zbuduj zestaw na 20. rocznicę serii LEGO® Star Wars™ — maszynę kroczącą z droidem pająkiem!

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Uczcij kultowe połączenie dwóch światów, budując zestaw LEGO® Star Wars™ 75261 Maszyna krocząca klonów™ — edycja rocznicowa. Ten pełen akcji zestaw konstrukcyjny przygotowany na 20. rocznicę serii LEGO Star Wars zawiera nową wersję modelu 7250 Maszyna krocząca klonów z 2005 r. Pojazd ma ruchome nogi, obracającą się wieżyczkę, miejsce na minifigurkę żołnierza z Kashyyyk na szczycie oraz miotacz klocków. W komplecie znajduje się również figurka LEGO droida pająka z miotaczem klocków, fragmentem okopu z karabinem oraz dodatkowa minifigurka Dartha Vadera z 1999 r. na rocznicowej podstawce.

  • W zestawie trzy minifigurki LEGO® Star Wars™: żołnierz z Kashyyyk, wojownik Wookiee oraz dodatkowa, rocznicowa minifigurka Dartha Vadera na odczepianej podstawce, a także figurka LEGO droida bojowego.
  • W komplecie maszyna krocząca klonów, droid pająk i fragment okopu z niestrzelającym karabinem.
  • Maszyna krocząca ma ruchome nogi, obracającą się wieżyczkę, siedzenie dla minifigurki na szczycie oraz miotacz klocków z przodu.
  • Droid pająk ma ruchome nogi i antenę oraz miotacz klocków.
  • Broń: blaster droida bojowego, blaster żołnierza z Kashyyyk, karabin wojownika Wookiee oraz czerwony miecz świetlny Dartha Vadera.
  • Model jest nową wersją zestawu konstrukcyjnego 7250 Maszyna krocząca klonów z 2005 r. i z pewnością przypadnie do gustu kolekcjonerom i budowniczym LEGO® Star Wars™ w każdym wieku.
  • Nadruk na głowie droida bojowego to nowość na kwiecień 2019 r.
  • Minifigurka Dartha Vadera stanowi wierne odwzorowanie oryginalnej minifigurki z 1999 r. i ozdobiona jest logo 20. rocznicy serii.
  • Połączone podstawki minifigurek ze specjalnej edycji na 20. rocznicę serii LEGO® Star Wars™ będą świetnym dodatkiem do każdej kolekcji.
  • Odgrywaj zaciekłe sceny walki z sagi Gwiezdnych wojen™ lub pobaw się na swój własny sposób!
  • Maszyna krocząca klonów z serii LEGO® Star Wars™ ma ok. 14 cm wysokości, 14 cm długości i 8 cm szerokości.
  • Droid pająk do zbudowania ma ok. 8 cm wysokości, 7 cm długości i 7 cm szerokości.
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Maszyna krocząca klonów™ — edycja rocznicowa

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Ocena ogólnaAverage rating4.6out of 5 stars
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  • 5 days ago
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Great value, a bit oversized
    Polecę klocki znajomym!
    I’ll start with the pros. This set has a great design, great figures (3 of which are very mass-able), great side builds, a decent price, beautiful box art (best the Star Wars line has had so far, in my opinion), and only 2 stickers (the less stickers, the better!) The only con is the size of the walker. Again I want to stress that the build is high quality, but its way too big. There’s definitely a scaling issue with LEGO, and it’s been around for the last few years. certain sets like the 2014 MTT (75058) and the 2015 AAT (75080) are under-sized, while other sets, like this AT-RT, are oversized. I know the proportions will never be 100% accurate, and I don’t expect that, but I do wish that the design team would put I bit more research into the proper sizes of the actual vehicles to get these closer to scale for those of us who use these in MOCs where scaling is a big deal. And I know that making a set like this smaller is very doable for them, just take a look at the iconic clone walker battlepack from 2009, it’s not a canon vehicle, but it’s much closer to mini figure scale, which is way more accurate to what would be seen in the movies and shows I don’t dislike the set, it looks great, it’s just way out of proportion with the figures, and won’t meld well with MOCs and/or bases unless you do some serious upscaling to them. As for kids or someone just looking for a display piece for the shelf, I recommend it, you won’t regret it.

    Response from LEGO SHOP

    11 kwietnia 2019
    Samuel, Customer Service
    Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to write this detailed review. All feedback is welcome and helps us improve our products. We're happy to forward your feedback to our designers. Once again, thank you very much. Happy 20th LEGO® Star Wars™ anniversary, have a wonderful day! - Samuel, LEGO® Customer Service
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  • 5 days ago
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Best of the 20th sets
    Polecę klocki znajomym!
    First I’d like to state I do not write reviews often. Felt this set in particular was worth taking a moment to highlight for good reason. Overall wish there could have been a 20th Anniversary set for each episode (or even film such as including Rogue One for example). This set is awesome for kids for playability—you get good and bad guys. The trooper is well detailed and find the color scheme is great and accurate. The walker is definitely larger however the quality is there and the scheme looks great. I do not disagree with the other review however kudos to LEGO for putting a nice well rounded package together here. The walker stands well and can be posed although somewhat limited. Will take sand green anywhere it can be included. Getting another Wookie is great! The black “bunker” bricks are cool and you get a nice amount and the gun pivots quite nicely. Really like the spider droid. It’s a nice little build and looks nice too! The battle droid is standard—nothing new and you cannot ever have enough so I appreciate it being included. A bonus is the 20th Anniversary Darth Vader. Not a fan of the printing on the back but the cape covers it. It also has the old style helmet mold which in the present day is cool. If you are looking for a great set to build up an army, to display or if you are a younger child and want an all-in-one set this one is a winner! LEGO is smart to do good sets like this as individuals want more than one and I plan on getting a couple more.
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  • 9 days ago
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Good value
    | 35-44
    Polecę klocki znajomym!
    I like the price point of this set. 4 mini figures and the build was a good size. I agree with the sizing compared to other Star Wars sets (pretty large next to at-st for example) the but I think it fit well for the size of the mini figures. There are many different scales of Star Wars sets, smaller makes them more accessible and maybe larger ones are meant to stand alone. I enjoy the opportunity to buy older sets that are revamped, if I can’t get the original it’s nice to see a new version, keep em coming.
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  • about 1 month ago
    Average rating3out of 5 stars
    Missed the mark on a few things
    | 45-54
    Polecę klocki znajomym!
    Intersting playset but they should have included 2 camouflage droids and the green tiles on the walker are hideous as they dont match the darker green that was used on Clone turbo tank or AT-AP. The walker of course is too bug to scale.
    Doświadczenie W Budowaniu Z Klocków: Advanced LEGO builder
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