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LEGO® DUPLO® Uniwersalny zestaw klocków

Price119,99 zł

Dostępne teraz

LEGO® DUPLO® Uniwersalny zestaw klocków4.9435474.
Ograniczenie 20

Szczegóły produktu

Odkrywaj możliwości budowania i liczenia dzięki uniwersalnemu zestawowi klocków!

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Uniwersalny zestaw klocków LEGO® DUPLO® pozwala na niekończącą się kreatywną zabawę w budowanie. Jego najważniejsza część to podwozie pojazdu o zaokrąglonych krawędziach i z kołami, które naprawdę się kręcą. Ten rozbudowany zestaw ma też 2 elementy przedstawiające okna, figurkę sympatycznego psa i numerowane klocki z odpowiadającymi im klockami z dekoracjami, które pomogą dziecku rozwinąć umiejętność liczenia. Są tu nawet dodatkowe, klasyczne klocki DUPLO, które pozwolą na większą kreatywność podczas zabawy. Zestaw zawiera figurkę DUPLO przedstawiającą chłopca.

  • Zawiera figurkę chłopca LEGO® DUPLO®.
  • Zawiera podwozie, 2 elementy przedstawiające okna, psa, numerowane klocki i szeroki wybór innych klocków DUPLO.
  • Numerowane klocki można dopasowywać do odpowiednich klocków z dekoracjami.
  • Do przechowywania zestawu służy pudełko o charakterystycznym kształcie klocka LEGO.
  • Produkty LEGO® DUPLO® są bezpieczne i wygodne dla małych rączek.
  • Dom ma ok. 14 cm wysokości, 12 cm szerokości i 8 cm głębokości.
  • Pojazd ma ok. 5 cm wysokości, 9 cm długości i 6 cm szerokości.
  • Pies ma ok. 4 cm wysokości.
  • Figurka chłopca ma ok. 5 cm wysokości.
Instrukcje składania
LEGO® DUPLO® Uniwersalny zestaw klocków

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  • about 1 month ago
    Hours of Fun!
    Lego Duplo was kind enough to supply us with the Lego Duplo All-In-One-Box-of-Fun for an enjoyable Duplo Lego kids party! The Lego Duplo All-In-One-Box-of-Fun supplied our party with HOURS of fun!! With 65 pieces of endless possibilities, the children were able to use their imagination creating many different scenes! The adorable dog and person were a huge hit! They loved using them to travel through their creations. The children used their bricks to create buildings, trees, a train, a car, and SO MUCH more!! The parents all especially loved the 1,2, and 3 numbered bricks that little ones were able to match up with corresponding bricks with a matching picture showing that many of an object. There is one radio to match to the number 1, two mice to match to the number 2, and three apples to match tothe number 3. This sparked so much creativity during our play. The kids built a taxi car that had to drive around and pick up the matching picture that belonged to the number, and another child built a number train. We also had fun seeing how high we could build the bricks before it would topple over. We also had a mom and son work on building patterns with the different colored bricks! This set is not only fun, but proved to be educational too!! Thank you Lego Duplo for the chance to review your product! The parents at our party can't wait to add Duplo Lego to their homes too!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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  • 9 months ago
    Our outside LEGO DUPLO PARTY
    We had our #LEGODUPLOParty outside since it was a beautiful day! I love the versatility LEGO DUPLO bricks offer. We can play both inside and outside without worry because the bricks are made very well and are easy to wipe clean if played outside. As a parent, what I really liked was the LEGO DUPLO bricks came with a page of different picture creations. This gave the kids new ideas on what they can build with their new LEGO DUPLO bricks. What I also liked about these pictures were they were shown in a way where the kids did not feel they HAD to build those ideas. They still could use their imagination and build whatever their hearts desired. My kids loved the bright colors and easy assembly that the LEGO DUPLO bricks offer. Some favorites from the box were the dog and the car. The storage box provided is very handy to store the LEGO DUPLO bricks, and is easy to open for even the littlest hands. My youngest feels independent since she can open and close the box on her own, and is now able to play whenever she wants. My kids ages range from 2 to 9 years old, so finding something they all enjoy together has always been a struggle. But, I am so thankful for LEGO DUPLO because they ALL enjoy building and playing together for hours. We cannot say enough good things about LEGO DUPLO bricks! #sponsored [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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  • 7 months ago
    LEGO DUPLO All-In-One-Box-of-Fun Play
    After the kids played with their LEGO DUPLO My First Dinosaur for a while, we moved on to the LEGO DUPLO All-In-One-Box-of-Fun. They gathered around as my 4 year old son opened it. The little ones were most interested to see what was inside and swish around the bricks once they were opened. They loved taking them out of the box and putting them back in. Many 1 years old even expressed great interest to sit inside it. My 4 year old son loved building the suggested rocket that was in the little booklet that came inside the box. After that, he enjoyed flying it around and crashing it. He then re-built it to be another bigger rocket. Some of the older boys combined those bricks with their dinosaur bricks to build whatever they wanted. I, personally loved the little LEGO boy that came with the box. He's very cute and its fun to watch my son put him in the car and the rocket. It's nice to see some counting and colors being represented in this toy. During the party, I did not get to have one on one time with my 1 year old and these bricks so I look forward to doing that shortly. We are very happy we were given this free LEGO DUPLO set. It's a great addition to all our other LEGO DUPLO sets. #LEGODUPLOParty #Sponsored [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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  • 10 months ago
    My two and a half old daughter is in love with these LEGO Duplo bricks! A couple of weeks ago we attended one of her friend’s birthday parties and the little one had received the All-In-One-Box-of-Fun as a present. My daughter’s eyes lit up - she didn’t want to share with any of the other little friends at the party, not even wanting to share with the gift recipient. I couldn’t have been happier, knowing we had our own set at home to play with that my daughter wasn’t aware of at the time. Although she is a fan of following directions to create things according to the directions, as a strong-willed, inquisitive 2.5 year old, she likes to get inventive and create her own towers and other such designs. She thoroughly enjoys creating skyscrapers to push down and watch the destruction ensue, before gathering all the bricks up and starting over again. I also noticed her chatting quite a bit to herself as she played with this set - a VERY healthy sign for little ones when engaging in pretend play! I’m very impressed with this set and look forward to buying it for other little ones in the future! Highly recommended! ~emmasmum2016, PhD in Education [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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