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James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5


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James Bond™ Aston Martin DB54.76765142.
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Ontdek de geheimen van de Bond... James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5!



Krijg een 'license to build' met de coole LEGO® Creator Expert 10262 James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5. Deze indrukwekkende replica is net zo tijdloos en stijlvol als de beroemde sportwagen van agent 007 uit 1964 en bevat tal van authentieke details en werkende technologische snufjes. Als je de deuren opent, zie je een uitgebreid interieur met een te verbergen volgcomputer en een vak met een telefoon in de deur. Wanneer het tijd is voor actie, activeer je de schietstoel, draai je de roterende nummerplaten, breng je het kogelvrije scherm bij de achterruit omhoog, gebruik je de bandensnijders aan de wielen en trek je de versnellingspook naar achteren om de machinegeweren aan de voorkant te onthullen. Dit prachtige collector's item heeft een gedetailleerde 6-cilinder lijnmotor, metallic zilverkleurige voor- en achterbumpers, gevormde zilverkleurige draadvelgen en het Aston Martin logo op de voor- en achterkant. Het model biedt een uitdagende en plezierige bouwervaring die de nodige nostalgie zal oproepen: een must have voor fans van de Aston Martin DB5, James Bond films en LEGO bouwsets.

  • Een authentieke replica van de wereldberoemde Aston Martin DB5 sportwagen uit 1964 met een klassiek design met metallic zilverkleurige voor- en achterbumpers, gevormde zilverkleurige draadvelgen, een bagageruimte en motorkap die open kunnen en tal van James Bond™ gadgets, waaronder een werkende schietstoel, roterende nummerplaten, een kogelvrij scherm bij de achterruit, machinegeweren aan de voorkant en bandensnijders aan de wielen.
  • Dit LEGO® James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5 model heeft deuren die open kunnen en een gedetailleerd interieur met een te verbergen volgcomputer en een vak met een telefoon in de deur.
  • Maak de motorkap open en bewonder de gedetailleerde 6-cilinder lijnmotor.
  • Trek de achterbumper naar achteren om ongewenste passagiers de lucht in te schieten.
  • Draai de nummerplaten, haal het kogelwerende scherm bij het achterraam naar boven en gebruik de bandensnijders aan de wielen.
  • Trek de versnellingspook naar achteren om de machinegeweren aan de voorkant te onthullen.
  • Voeg deze speciale replica van de Aston Martin DB5 uit de klassieke James Bond™ film Goldfinger toe aan je verzameling.
  • Deze set bevat meer dan 1290 elementen en is geschikt voor iedereen van 16 jaar en ouder.
  • De speciale elementen die nieuw zijn vanaf augustus 2018 zijn onder andere een metallic 'macaroni'-verbindingsstuk, 2x4 tegel en 1m balk, plus een bedrukte 1x2 tegel met een grillepatroon.
  • Afmetingen: ca. 10 cm hoog, 34 cm lang en 12 cm breed.
James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5

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  • 6 months ago
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Better in real life
    | 35-44
    Ik zou dit aanbevelen aan vrienden!
    I must admit when I first saw photos of the latest Creator Expert Car I was extremely disappointed. It looked like a poor representation of the subject matter and I was put off purchasing it. However I ended up receiving the set as a gift for Christmas and set about building it. It's a challenging build due to the several in built functional features. I'm still not 100% sure I've got it right, as the gearstick operated front guns mechanism sticks most of the time, although I can't figure out where I went wrong. The good news is when built and on display it doesn't look anywhere near as squared off as I'd originally thought. In my display cabinet with all the other creator cars it doesn't look out of place at all, given what the designer has to work with they've done a good job with the curves. The only thing that really stands out is the heavily squared off front end that lets it down a bit from head on. I can understand why the compromises have been made though, as the actual functional bond gadget elements have been incorporated well. Only the aforementioned guns, which may again be a mistake on my part. I'm very happy with this set, it exceeded my low expectations by a long way and if you collect the Creator cars this compliments the rest of the series really well. If you have been putting off purchasing it due to pictures you've seen, don't be.
    Bouwervaring: Expert LEGO bouwer
  • 10 months ago
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Outstanding experience
    Ik zou dit aanbevelen aan vrienden!
    This set surpasses my expectations. I've been a LEGO fan forever, and a James Bond fan for nearly as long, so this was an obvious set to consider, and my wife and son bought it for me for Father's Day. When I first saw the early reviews, I was unsure about the overall shape of the finished model.The Aston Martin DB5 is notable for its curves, always difficult to pull off in LEGO. The designers have surpassed themselves in this area, and from many angles the effect is perfect. The build is complex but not unduly so. The use of red highlights in the instructions to show where sub-assemblies should go is a good idea on this particular set. I especially liked the unusual building techniques and unusual use of parts. Examples include using seats for the front licence plate housing, the air scoop in the bonnet, and the side-on construction technique on the seats. The ejector seat mechanism is astonishing and works flawlessly, as does the front side-light/machine gun mechanism. The rear bullet-proof plate mechanism catches lightly. The bonnet is superb, as is the engine detail. And, the car rolls beautifully along a tiled floor. This is a superb design. I can't imagine how the mechanisms were conceived, then designed, and then converted into a build that we can all complete. The finished model is on the bookshelf, alongside my copy of David Worrall's book "The Most Famous Car in the World."
    Bouwervaring: Expert LEGO bouwer
  • 7 days ago
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Much more complicated than i anticipated
    | 19-24
    Ik zou dit aanbevelen aan vrienden!
    this was a great build. i especially love how the attention to detail is so minute on such a compact set. the seats look great, the engine has much more detail than i thought and even the back had great attention put in it. the drawbacks to this set really is that the inside is very cramped so the lever for the front light guns is hard to reach. also the front license plate doesn't have enough room to turn all the way around and can only show 2 sides.

    Response from LEGO SHOP

    17 juli 2019
    Philipp, Customer Service
    Hi there. The number plate is meant to turn and show four different license plates. It sounds like enemy spies might have sabotaged your Bond car! Feel free to have a chat with us at LEGO.build/Service so we can help you figure it out.
    Bouwervaring: Expert LEGO bouwer
  • 2 months ago
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Very nice project
    | 55-64
    Ik zou dit aanbevelen aan vrienden!
    This was my first Lego project, so my comments should be taken with a grain of salt. This was a very enjoyable, interesting and challenging (but not difficult) project. The car is very cool and fun to play with. Comments and (very) minor criticisms... -The car kit is very boxy. Not sure if it's possible to replicate the extremely curvy smooth lines of the original car. -The windshields were very challenging. It was difficult to seat them properly into the bricks...without damaging the rest of the vehicle. I had to try it 10-15 times before I was able to get it right. -The front headlight/machine gun assemble is nice, but the mechanism is so tight, it doesn't easily, nor freely rotate. -The rear bullet proof shield goes up easily, but needs to be helped on the way down. -The ejector seat is awesome! -The front rotating license plate is fun, but it's tough to rotate without breaking something. -Not sure if it's part of the Lego style, but I don't like seeing exposed parts on the front and rear hoods (see image), I prefer the look of flat tiles to cover all of them. All things considered, I loved the project. It took me about 12 hours to complete (with a few mistake corrections that totaled about two hours) After completing it, I broke it (when playing) 5 or 6 times, taking about 2-3 hours (total) to fix. Highly recommended, especially to a newbie. I'm 60, so I'm not sure how appropriate it would be for a young teenager.
    Bouwervaring: Gevorderde LEGO bouwer
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