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DC Super HeroesDC Super Heroes

Batman™ robotas prieš Poison Ivy™ robotą

Price49,99 €

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Batman™ robotas prieš Poison Ivy™ robotą3.12558.
Limitas 5
Pavojus užspringti.
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Suvaidink įspūdingą Batman™ roboto ir Poison Ivy™ roboto dvikovą.

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Kartu su Batman™ išgelbėk The Flash™ iš Poison Ivy™ ir Firefly™ gniaužtų su šiuo veiksmo kupinu LEGO® DC Batman“ rinkiniu vaikams 76117 Batman™ robotas prieš Poison Ivy™ robotą. Lankstus Batman robotas turi atidaromą kabiną figūrėlei, dviejų smaigų šaudyklę, besisukantį pjūklą ir tinklo šaudyklę. Poison Ivy robotas turi kabiną figūrėlei, smaigų šaudyklę ir sugriuvimo funkciją. Abu robotai taip pat turi griebiančias rankas figūrėlei sugriebti. Šį nuostabų Batman žaislą sudaro 4 LEGO figūrėlės ir 10 skirtingų „Power Burst“ elementų jūsų modeliams, figūrėlėms ir ginklams tinkinti, kad žaisti niekada nepabostų.

  • Šis superherojaus žaislas turi 4 figūrėles: Batman™, Poison Ivy™, Flash™ ir Firefly™.
  • Batman™ robotas turi atidaromą kabiną figūrėlei, lanksčias rankas ir kojas, griebiančias rankas figūrėlei sugriebti, dviejų smaigų šaudyklę, besisukantį pjūklą ir ištraukiamą tinklo šaudyklę.
  • Poison Ivy™ robotas turi kabiną figūrėlei, smaigų šaudyklę, lanksčias šakų formos rankas, griebiančią nuodingosios gebenės lapo pavidalo ranką figūrėlei sugriebti ir sugriuvimo funkciją.
  • Nuversk Poison Ivy™ robotą pjūklu.
  • Šiame šauniame konstravimo žaisle yra 10 skirtingų skaidrios oranžinės spalvos „Power Burst“ elementų jūsų modeliams, figūrėlėms ir ginklams tinkinti.
  • Taip pat yra Firefly smaigų šaudyklė.
  • The Poison Ivy™, Firefly™ ir The Flash™ žaislų figūrėlės pasirodys 2019 m. sausį.
  • Šikšnosparnio matmenys: daugiau kaip 17 cm (6 col.) aukščio, 10 cm (3 col.) ilgio ir 19 cm (7 col.) pločio.
  • Poison Ivy™ roboto matmenys: daugiau kaip 13 cm (5 col.) aukščio, 6 cm (2 col.) ilgio ir 16 cm (6 col.) pločio.
Konstravimo instrukcijos
Batman™ robotas prieš Poison Ivy™ robotą

Customer Reviews

Overall Ratingrating.prefix3.1rating.postfix
(8 Reviews)
63% would recommend this product.


Overall Experience

Play Experiencerating.prefix3.8rating.postfix
Level of Difficultyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
Value for Moneyrating.prefix3.6rating.postfix
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  • 9 days ago
    Wish there was a decent Poison Ivy set out there
    | 19-24
    I've been wanting a Poison Ivy minifigure for a long time, but haven't purchased one for 2 reasons: (1) She's typically bundled with the more expensive sets ($80+) and (2) these sets usually include almost no accessories for her. You'd think that with her receiving title billing in this set she'd come with something quite substantive, but all you really get is a tiny base for her. I don't understand how LEGO is able to release a whole mech for a barely known character, such as Egghead, yet not give better treatment to an A list villain such as Poison Ivy. The Batman mech is decent enough, but there are so many Batman set pieces out there already. Also, worth mentioning is that this Poison Ivy mini figure seems like a big step backwards. There's no printing on her hair or legs, like most previous versions have had. This is probably the most primitive Poison Ivy lego figure released and that's really unfortunate when considering how innovative LEGo has become with their mini figures over the last decade.
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  • 2 days ago
    Disappointing, unfortunately
    Purchased for: Son
    We love Lego in our house, my son has built well over 30 sets (with my help) and I have been building Lego myself all my life. This set was received as a gift and I don't believe I've ever been so disappointed with a Lego set. First of all, none of them actually stand upright without spending way too much time balancing them just right. Firefly does not stand at all, Poison Ivy barely does and the Batman mech has to be positioned in exactly the right way, but it isn't sturdy and falls over often. Which leads to my next complaint, pieces of the Batman mech are falling off constantly. Pieces fall off if it falls over, pieces fall off when you pick it up, pieces fall off if it is gently bumped into ANYTHING. We've had this built for 3 days and I've had to nearly rebuild it at least 5 times, not to mention the countless times I've put various pieces back on. It isn't well designed. This set is marketed to children 7 years of age and up, but they can't play with it once it's built without it essentially falling apart. The Batman mech fell from less than a foot off the ground and was in so many pieces I had to bring the book back out to put it back together. This set seems like it was made to be put up on a shelf to look at, definitely not for playing and therefore, not for children.

    Response from LEGO SHOP

    7 March 2019
    Emily, Customer Service
    Thank you for your review! I'm sorry to hear that you're having some trouble getting your set to stay standing. A little rebuilding should do the trick! For Batman, you'll want to take a close look at the pieces added on page 34, step 19 of the instructions. If they're not pressed tightly together, the joints won’t be strong enough to stay together. You want to make sure that you hear a noticeable "click" as shown when you put those parts together. Similarly for the other mechs, you'll want to make sure that all the parts are pressed tightly together and just as shown in the instructions. If you'd like any further help building, you can get in touch with our LEGO® experts at
    Play Experiencerating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
    Build Time: 1 hrs
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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  • about 2 months ago
    Great set
    | 19-24
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Poison Ivy: Meh Batman: Can't do wrong I guess :/ Firefly: Awesome!!! Flash: Fiy boots horraaay!!! Poison Ivy Build: Ok to say the least. Batman Mech: Actually pretty good. Firefly Jetpack: Great!! Overall good set.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Build Time: 1 hrs
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  • 6 days ago
    Batman mech, poison ivy plant thingy
    | 35-44
    Purchased for: Self
    Expected a lot more from this set. Poison ivy is way too boring, no print on legs or arms, her mech is tiny and does not feel like a mech in general, it's unstable and flimsy. Firefly is good for a first try, (he has much better costumes in comics,) if he does not fall on his face, very unbalanced. Batman is the same like the 2018 versions, mech is good but small, only 5stickers, still has lots off play features. Flash=meh nothing special there. Boring set in general. Guess we got spoiled with the lego batman movie.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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