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LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Gollum Fun Pack4.333353.

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Keep watch over the multiverse from the shadows with Gollum™ from The Lord of the Rings™!

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Supplement your LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ gameplay with the Gollum™ Fun Pack. Place Gollum on the LEGO Toy Pad and see him spring to life in the game, then activate his special abilities to crack puzzles and defeat hordes of in-game enemies. Use 3-in-1 Shelob the Great™ to boost your gameplay and rebuild her into the 8-Legged Stalker and Poison Slinger for upgraded in-game abilities. Includes a Gollum minifigure with a fish element.

  • Includes a Gollum™ minifigure with a fish element and 3-in-1 Shelob the Great™, both with a detachable LEGO® Toy Tag.
  • Rebuild the 3-in-1 Shelob the Great™ into the 8-Legged Stalker and Poison Slinger for upgraded in-game abilities.
  • Place Gollum™ and his 3-in-1 arachnid ally on the LEGO® Toy Pad and set out on exciting in-game missions.
  • Activate Gollum's Boomerang, Mini Access, Acrobat and Dive abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies.
  • Collect your favorite LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ characters and use them in-game together for a crazy mash-up multiverse.
  • Visit for more information on this exciting LEGO® building and video-gaming experience. Ask your parents' or guardians' permission before going online.
  • LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Starter Pack and internet connection required.
  • LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ expansion packs unlock additional content.
  • LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ characters and vehicles are required to interact with the LEGO DIMENSIONS video game.
  • Shelob the Great™ measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide (alternative 3-in-1 vehicle builds vary in size).

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67% would recommend this product.


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  • almost 3 years ago
    Our only wish, to catch a fish.
    | 35-44
    Purchased for: Self
    While I found Gollum useful for one underwater Mini Access hatch to get a gold brick, I don't find him any more useful than any of the other Mini Access hatch characters. I would recommend getting Bart or Slimer instead because they can at least get you access to adventure worlds that you don't get by default. Also, I've run across at least three gold brick puzzles designed exclusively for Slimer. (Dive + Sonic), (Ghost + Sonic), and (Mini Access + Illuminate) Please pair Gollum with Aquaman for fishy dialog. Building the spider models was interesting, but I haven't found much use for the spider in game.

    Response from LEGO SHOP

    March 25, 2016
    Nicholas, Digital Product Specialist, LEGO® Consumer Services
    Thanks so much for your feedback! While we wish that you had a better experience with your expansion pack, we understand that not every expansion pack meets the individual needs of each player. That's where your feedback comes in; it helps users decide which set suits their needs best. Thanks again!
    Play Experiencerating.prefix3rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix3rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix3rating.postfix
    Build Time: 16 mins
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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  • over 3 years ago
    My Precious
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    This is my first dimensions review. when I first saw this game, i knew I had to get all the Lotr ones. This one is no exception. you get Gollum. He is pretty uncommon. He is a really cool character. He comes with Shelob. This one of my favorite builds. Shelob should have 8 legs though. My one complaints are the price and the alternate builds. i was hoping i could turn the shelob into a Balrog, but it was just 3 forms of the spider. Overall i give this set an A-
    Play Experiencerating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix3rating.postfix
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  • about 3 years ago
    The Precious is Gone!
    | 25-34
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    This is a very fun pack I like Gollum who is not bad I like that he comes with a fish I also like Shelob the Great which is an interesting build because the spider has only six legs instead of eight but still a cool build.I really like The Lord of the Rings chracters for this game and I hope more will come out in the near future.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Building Experience: Intermediate LEGO builder
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