Midway Arcade™ Level Pack

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Go retro with the LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Midway Arcade™ Level Pack!

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Power-up your LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ experience with the Midway Arcade™ Level Pack, featuring a buildable Gamer Kid minifigure. Attach him to his LEGO® Toy Tag and place him on the LEGO® Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game, helping him to put the rogue Midway Arcade characters back where they belong. Add Gamer Kid's 3-in-1 G-6155 Spy Hunter or Arcade Machine to boost your gameplay, and rebuild them into alternative models for upgraded in-game abilities. This set includes a buildable Gamer Kid minifigure with his coin and soda can.

  • Includes a buildable Gamer Kid minifigure, coin and soda can along with decorations.
  • Also includes rebuildable 3-in-1 G-6155 Spy Hunter and Arcade Machine models.
  • Unlocks over 20 Classic Arcade Games from Midway Arcade™ as an exclusive level.
  • All characters and models include a detachable LEGO® Toy Tag.
  • Rebuild the G-6155 Spy Hunter into The Interdiver and Aerial Spyhunter.
  • Rebuild the Arcade Machine into an 8-Bit Shooter and The Pixilator Pod.
  • Place each character and modelon the LEGO® Toy Pad and join the action in the game.
  • Activate Gamer Kid's Stealth, Laser, Speed, Invulnerability and Super Strength abilities to solve puzzles and overpower enemies.
  • Collect your favorite LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ characters and use them in-game together for a crazy mash-up multiverse.
  • Visit LEGO.com/DIMENSIONS for more information on this exciting LEGO® building and video-gaming experience. Ask your parents' permission before going online.
  • LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Starter Pack and internetconnection required.
  • LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ expansion packs unlock additional content.
  • LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ characters and vehicles are required to interact with the LEGO DIMENSIONS™ video game.
  • G-6155 Spy Hunter stands over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide (alternative 3-in-1 builds vary in size).
  • Arcade Machine measures over 2” (7cm) high, 1” (3cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep (alternative 3-in-1 builds vary in size).
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