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Mining Team


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Mining Team554.
Choking Hazard.
Small parts.

Product Details

Blow up the rock pile and discover gold!

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Grab your hard hat and head out with the LEGO® City 60184 Mining Team to dig for gold! This fun mining toy, with mining figures and equipment features a rock pile with space for golden nugget and rock breakaway elements, as well as a dumper with tipping bed and space for a minifigure, plus a research station. Includes 4 minifigures and a glow-in-the-dark spider figure.

  • Includes 4 mining crew minifigures and a spider figure.
  • Features a dumper with tipping bed and space for a minifigure.
  • Also includes a research station with space for golden nugget elements and a rock pile with breakaway elements, space for a dynamite stick element and golden nugget elements.
  • Spider glows in the dark!
  • Set the dynamite element on the rock pile and push the handle down to break it apart.
  • Shovel the nuggets into the dumper to haul them back to camp.
  • Accessory elements include 2 golden nugget elements, 1 dynamite stick element, demolition plunger, mug, shovel and a pickaxe.
  • Dumper measures over 1” (4cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.
  • Rock pile measures over 1” (4cm) high, 2” (7cm) wide and 1” (5cm) deep.
  • Research station measures over 1” (5cm) high and 1” (3cm) wide.
Building Instructions
Mining Team

Customer Reviews

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(4 Reviews)
100% would recommend this product.


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  • 5 days ago
    60184 Mining Team
    | 35-44
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    With its 82 pieces, 60184 Mining Team is the smallest of the Lego City sets under this year's mining sub-theme (the larger ones being 60185, 60186 and 60188). The pieces can be used to build four minifigures, a dumper with tipping bed, a glass walled thingamajig on a cupboard that the set designers call a research station, and a rock pile which has a built-in explosion function. Opening the box reveals two unnumbered bags and a 32-page instruction booklet folded in half. There are no stickers in this set. The build is both very quick and easy and, as is quite usual for Lego sets, it starts with a minifigure: this time it is a brown-bearded male miner in an orange coat. Then it is time to build a small, mainly yellow and black tipper/dumper, which is finalized by placing a pickax and a shovel in its tipping bed. The dumper's build is divided into 10 steps. Next in line is a sweating male minifigure whose accessory is a red coffee mug. The glow-in-the-dark spider (element ID 6218845), a recolor for 2018, is one piece and does not need assembly. After this, a white and gray research station with blue-tinged glass walls gets built, which is a task of only 6 steps. A brand new piece, a gold ingot (design ID 35646), is placed inside the research station. Next build is two minifigures, a gray-bearded male miner in a white shirt and a female worker in dark blue clothes. There is also a bullhorn for the former and a detonation plunger for the latter minifigure. The final stage of the set completes a mainly gray rock formation with another new gold ingot inside and some red dynamite clipped to one side. This is the largest build of the set with its 16 steps. My set had a total of four spare pieces. For me, placing the dumper's tipping bed in its rightful place and the technic bits were the most difficult parts of the build, and they were very easy to figure out. None of the minifigures in this set have dual-sided heads, mostly because their headgear will not allow it, which is a bit of a shame, but I'm glad to say that all of them have dual-sided new-for-2018 torso prints. In the description of the set, none of the four minifigures have titles other than 'miner'. However, I have a creeping suspicion one of the male miners is a foreman, since he is carrying a red bullhorn, and is the only one wearing a white shirt, a very impractical choice of color for a miner. His head with a serious-looking expression, gray eyebrows, sideburns and mustache is originally from Lego Pirates sets released in 2015. He is wearing sand yellow cargo pants with two large pockets at the front, and the aforementioned white shirt with dark gray suspenders, a radio and a notebook tucked in the pockets of an orange belt, and an ID badge. The legs are a new print for 2018, and the white mining helmet is a recolor. There is a yellow light attached to the front of the helmet. The female miner's head, which features a lopsided smile and one raised eyebrow, is from 2017 when it was used in at least 11 sets. She has a dark brown ponytail cascading down from underneath a white helmet, which is a recolor for the 2016 Volcano Explorers product line. Her new-for-2018 legs are dark blue with an orange stripe running across the knees, and her torso is printed to look like she's wearing a dark blue shirt with an orange tool harness and dark bluish gray gloves, and is carrying a radio and an ID badge. Her accessory is a red and gray detonation plunger. The second miner has a frown and some sweat drops printed on his head. He is wearing a white mining helmet, an orange sleeveless shirt with dark blue suspenders and dark bluish gray gloves, while his trousers are dark blue and not printed. He is holding a red coffee mug in his hand. The last minifigure has a brown goatee-type beard and a broad smile, and is dressed in an orange jacket over a dark blue shirt, printed with an ID badge and a mining logo on the back. His trousers are also unprinted dark blue, and his construction-type helmet is white. The explosion function works nicely, although it is a bit stiff. The tipping bed can be used to haul and tip nuggets but if it is tilted to the max it tends to get stuck on the dumper front wheels. The spider doesn't fit inside the cupboard under the research station completely, at least not with the door closed. I noticed the demolition plunger (if assembled) won't fit in either. Stuff that actually can be placed inside the cupboard: 1) dynamite, 2) gold nugget, 3) coffee mug, 4) bullhorn. There are no back or front walls for research station, and replacing the nugget inside it requires either some disassembly or really really small fingers. As the instruction booklet is folded in half it might be a little difficult to read, or that was my experience. In my opinion, this is a great little set, with a nice selection of minifigures, a cool glow-in-the-dark spider, and some very good play features.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Building Experience: Intermediate LEGO builder
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  • 3 months ago
    | 35-44
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Son
    Reviewed by a very satisfied son (aged 6) - I like how easy it was to build the set. The whole set was very nice to play with, but the best bit is the dump truck although the glow in dark spider is brilliant. How they made the dynamite explode is very clever.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix3rating.postfix
    Build Time: 18 mins
    Building Experience: Novice LEGO builder
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  • 17 days ago
    super great
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Self
    it was great had a great time good use of money!!!
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Build Time: 15 mins
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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  • 10 days ago
    | 14-18
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!! I like the way that the spider glows in the dark.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
    Build Time: 10 mins
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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