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Item 1 of 6

Dorado Showdown

Price29,99 €

Available now

Dorado Showdown4.5510.
Limit 2
Choking Hazard.
Small parts.

Product Details

Immerse your favorite Overwatch® fan in the Dorado map with Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree!

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Now your favorite Overwatch® fan can build an iconic Dorado building and payload truck with LEGO® Overwatch 75972 Dorado Showdown! Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this Overwatch building set features an instantly recognizable building from the popular Dorado map and 3 characters, Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree. With Overwatch weapons, Dorado building, and a payload truck like in the game, fans of Overwatch will want to build and display it for their friends to see, while youngsters will like playing with the vehicle and mini market building from the game.

  • Includes Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree minifigures.
  • Dorado-style building features 3 windows (2 with shutters), lamps, a lantern, a mini market booth and a doorway for the payload truck to pass through.
  • Payload truck features space for a minifigure, a generator payload that can be taken off and hidden wheels to simulate the payload truck hovering like in the game.
  • Overwatch® character weapons include Soldier: 76's Heavy Pulse Rifle, Reaper's twin Hellfire Shotguns and McCree's Peacekeeper six-shooter revolver.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft®, Overwatch® has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online series, comics and exciting global esports events.
  • LEGO® Overwatch® video game toys are the perfect gift for fans of the blockbuster Overwatch game.
  • Dorado-style building toy measures over 6” (17cm) high, 5” (15cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep.
  • Payload truck creative play toy measures over 3” (8cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide.
Building Instructions
Dorado Showdown

Customer Reviews

Overall Ratingrating.prefix4.5rating.postfix
(10 Reviews)
100% would recommend this product.


Overall Experience

Play Experiencerating.prefix4.8rating.postfix
Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1.6rating.postfix
Value for Moneyrating.prefix4.7rating.postfix
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  • 3 days ago
    Great starter set
    | 14-18
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Self
    Perfect starter set with three figures 419 pieces and only $30, great lego set that needs more praise
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Build Time: 1 hrs
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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  • 29 days ago
    Okay Build, but Great For Play!
    | 25-34
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Self
    I got this set just to build and display, but actually found myself interacting with it a fair bit, which I was not expecting! I play a LOT of Overwatch, and when I'm trying to explain a specific play to someone, it's easy to grab the payload off of my desk and position the characters around it to demonstrate the strategy of how we defended or took it during a particular round. Which is ridiculously nerdy, but there you go. ;) I'd recommend this set for a kid who loves Overwatch, because there's a lot of play potential here!
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Building Experience: Expert LEGO builder
    Was this helpful?
  • about 1 month ago
    A perfectly decent set
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    this first part might be unique to me, but the Dorado build seems to have a tendency to tip over every time I try to move it. Besides that the main part of the Dorado build isn't all that exciting. The fruit stand is fun but ultimately not all that useful. The payload is spot on as well but nothing spectacular. And, before I get into minifigures, Sombra should have really been there. I understand why she wasn't, no one released after launch was, but this set more than any other would work so well with her in it, and also balance out the fight a little, as Sombra, like Reaper, is a member of Talon. Speaking of Reaper, he's a well designed minifigure. the printing looks great all around and the shotguns, while a little bulky on the sides, are otherwise pretty good. However, leg printing would have been nice and this Reaper is out-shined by his Watchpoint Gibraltar counterpart, 4/5 Solider 76 is okay. his new hair mold is fun and his pulse rifle and printing work well enough, but he doesn't stand out as particularly cool. Not really Lego's fault though, 3/5 considering he lacks any new molds, McCree is a surprisingly good minifigure. His pistol is spot on and doesn't really need a new mold, and his torso and leg printing, and fabric piece, work really well. his face print suffers from the only real flaw with McCree, that a hair/hat combo mold would have been better. even that is only a minor nitpick though, 5/5 I would recommend this to fans of McCree and Soldier 76, and Reaper fans who can't afford Watchpoint: Gibraltar, as well as anyone trying to collect all the heroes and fans of westerns.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix3rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Building Experience: Intermediate LEGO builder
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  • about 1 month ago
    Good for Display for fans of both Overwatch/LEGO
    | 45-54
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    If you are fan of LEGO and Overwatch, you will want this set for display for certain as it capture the charm of the Dorado maps with a very minimal setup. As some of have noted, the biggest problem and disappointment for OW fans is the McCree figure - it is a travesty that while we got a unique arm with printing for the Winter Soldier in multiple sets, we got nothing for the cybernetic arm for McCree ..... add to that is a head piece that desperately needed some ingenuity to have both hair and a hat.... a new mold with a combined hat/hair or a little add on ring with "hair" to go under the hat is needed. At the very least, hair ON the head would work. As with other LEGO OW sets, its a bit of hit and miss - some details are spot on, some are just strangely dialed in, like the McCree minifigure as a whole.... let's not even discuss the problem of soldier's hair, which is otherwise a very good figure.... That all being said, its something special to OW fans to actually _see_ a payload and hold it... hard to explain, but if you play OW, you will know what I mean... beyond those issues, a good set that has more presence in person than the box or website would suggest.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Build Time: 1 hrs 15 mins
    Building Experience: Intermediate LEGO builder
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