• Angry Birds™
    Angry Birds™

    Angry Birds™ (6)

    0 New items

    Your builder will catapult into action with LEGO® Angry Birds™ Movie play sets! They can build, play and explore Bird Island and Piggy Island!

  • Architecture

    Architecture (14)

    2 New items

    LEGO® Architecture offers epic buildings from around the world. From famous buildings to the more unique, they make a quirky addition to homes or offices.


    BIONICLE® (15)

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    LEGO® BIONICLE® sets offer children intuitive building, intense action play, cool weapons and the chance to save the world from evil!

  • City

    City (60)

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    LEGO® City reproduces all the elements that your child sees every day as models that will helps them to create a city full of action, humour and charm.

  • Classic

    Classic (10)

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    LEGO® Classic helps children discover their creative building skills. And since it spans so many different age groups, there’s fun for the whole family!

  • Creator

    Creator (38)

    1 New items

    LEGO® Creator has cars and planes and even cool seaside houses, all in bright LEGO colours that are designed to stimulate play and growing imaginations.

  • DC Comics™ Super Heroes
    DC Comics™ Super Heroes

    DC Comics™ Super Heroes (17)

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    LEGO® DC Universe Super Heroes are full of adventure. Each set presents your child with a special building challenge.

  • DC Super Hero Girls
    DC Super Hero Girls

    DC Super Hero Girls


    DIMENSIONS™ (47)

    9 New items

    Set out on epic LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ adventures! Let creativity be your builder's guide as they form unlikely alliances in a quest to defeat evil Lord Vortech.

  • Disney™

    Disney™ (12)

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  • DUPLO®

    DUPLO® (66)

    2 New items

    LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are your child’s entry into the world of LEGO building fun. They help you stimulate your child’s appetite for learning through play.

  • Elves

    Elves (11)

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    The LEGO® Elves' world is where children can create their own epic quests with elvish companions. They'll watch magic turn into reality!

  • Friends

    Friends (36)

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    The LEGO® Friends are best friends who live in a city where there are lots of cute animals, shops to visit and houses to live in.

  • Ghostbusters™

    Ghostbusters™ (2)

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    If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, jump into action with LEGO® Ghostbusters™! Children can role-play adventures and detective missions!

  • Ideas

    Ideas (7)

    2 New items

    LEGO® Ideas products have been inspired and supported by LEGO fans! The sets have been designed with a true builder's passion in mind!

  • Juniors

    Juniors (19)

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    LEGO® Juniors is designed for first timers. Your child will learn how to build with LEGO bricks, and you will teach them to build their self-confidence.

  • Jurassic World™
    Jurassic World™

    Jurassic World™ (2)

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    With LEGO® Jurassic World™, children can play out scenes from the epic film and embark on their own daring rescue missions!

  • The LEGO® Batman Movie
    The LEGO® Batman Movie

    The LEGO® Batman Movie

    THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE sets feature a collection of function-packed vehicles and locations, as seen in the blockbuster animated film of the same name.

  • Marvel Super Heroes
    Marvel Super Heroes

    Marvel Super Heroes (18)

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    LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes brings heroes like Spider-Man and other characters from the Marvel universe to your child’s play room.


    MINDSTORMS® (14)

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    LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 lets your kids turn their LEGO creations into live robots that follow their every command. The set includes motors, sensors and more!

  • Minecraft™

    Minecraft™ (17)

    3 New items

    Stimulate children’s creativity with LEGO® Minecraft™. The world of the best-selling online game, with its iconic mobs, is recreated in LEGO bricks.

  • Minifigures

    Minifigures (3)

    1 New items

    Welcome to the wild world of LEGO® Minifigures. Each bag contains a minifigure, but they won't know the identity until they open the bag!

  • Mixels™

    Mixels™ (3)

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    LEGO® Mixels™ is a new series of fun collectable characters created with Cartoon Network, who make them come to life on TV and in app-based games.


    NEXO KNIGHTS™ (32)

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    LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ sets feature plenty of surprises for kids, from rolling castles to mechanised horses – all essential to outsmart Jestro!


    NINJAGO™ (32)

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    Your child will love LEGO® NINJAGO™, based on a hit TV series in which a brave ninja team battles the villains that seek to destroy their world.

  • Pirates

    Pirates (1)

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    LEGO® Pirates pitches buccaneers up against the governor’s soldiers. Children can help to protect the royal treasure or rescue the pirates from prison.

  • Scooby-Doo

    Scooby-Doo (4)

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    With LEGO® Scooby-Doo, your child can hang out with Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo!



    0 New items

    LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Based on research which shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® deepens the process of reflection and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the organisation.

  • Speed Champions
    Speed Champions

    Speed Champions (13)

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    LEGO® Speed Champions is a collection of authentic cars that lets children race from classes like Super Cars, Open-wheeled cars and GT!

  • Star Wars™
    Star Wars™

    Star Wars™ (77)

    11 New items

    LEGO® Star Wars™ brings to life all of your child's favourite ships and characters from the incredible Star Wars saga!

  • Technic

    Technic (24)

    0 New items

    LEGO® Technic provides a challenge for experienced LEGO builders. Children can build a range of vehicles that have realistic, real-world functions.

  • The Lord of the Rings™
    The Lord of the Rings™

    The Lord of the Rings™ (8)

    0 New items

    Immerse your child in a world of excitement with LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™. They can recreate their favourite scenes from the films!

  • The Simpsons™
    The Simpsons™

    The Simpsons™ (5)

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    Children can cast LEGO® The Simpsons™ in new adventures and have fun making up their own episodes. Perfect for fans of all ages!