We regret that we are unable to ship to the following European destinations:

Åland Islands, Andorra, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Channel Islands (including Jersey and Guernsey), Faroe Islands, French Overseas Departments and Territories, Gibraltar, Greenland, Heligoland, Madeira, Melilla, Monaco, San Marino and the Azores.

We are unable to take orders for delivery to PO Boxes including Packstations, hotels and freight forwarding services.

Our Commitment to You

We believe our toys and other products must meet your highest expectations - and so must our service. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your order.

Choose from these fast, convenient shipping methods:

Last Order Dates

Get your gifts in time for the holidays! Refer to the last order dates per market below to make sure you receive the products before Christmas Day.

*The last order dates do not apply for orders paid by Invoice & ELV Payment types (please allow 2 more days)

Country Standard Shipping Express Shipping

(Please order by 2PM CET if you wish to receive your order the next day. Valid for metropolitan areas only)

Pick A Brick
Austria 17. Dec. 20. Dec. 12. Dec.
Belgium 18. Dec. 20. Dec. 12. Dec.
Czech Republic 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 10. Dec.
Denmark 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 12. Dec.
Estonia 14. Dec. 20. Dec. 04. Dec.
Finland 14. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
France 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Germany 19. Dec. 20. Dec. 12. Dec.
Greece 10. Dec 20. Dec. 04. Dec.
Hungary 14. Dec. 20. Dec. 10. Dec.
Ireland 14. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Italy 14. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Latvia 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Lithuania 14. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Luxemburg 18. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Netherlands 18. Dec. 20. Dec. 10. Dec.
Norway 13. Dec. 20. Dec. 04. Dec.
Poland 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 12. Dec.
Portugal 12. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Slovakia 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 10. Dec.
Slovenia 17. Dec. 20. Dec. 10. Dec.
Spain 14. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
Sweden 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 10. Dec.
Switzerland 16. Dec. 20. Dec. 06. Dec.
UK 18. Dec. 20. Dec. 10. Dec.

Standard Shipping

Details of our shipping costs per country are set out in the table at the end of this section.

International Delivery Times (in business days):

Country Standard Express Pick A Brick Bricks & Pieces Shop Catalogue (where available)
Austria 5-7 1-2 17 7-10 N/A
Belgium 3-5 N/A 16 7-10 N/A
Czech Republic 5-6 1-2 19 7-10 N/A
Denmark 5-6 1-2 15 7-10 N/A
Estonia 5-8 1-2 9-10 7-10 N/A
Finland 6-8 1-2 16 7-10 N/A
France 4-6 1-2 15 7-10 3-5
Germany 3-4 1-2 15 7-10 3-5
Greece 7-10 1-2 10-13 7-10 N/A
Hungary 6-7 1-2 19 7-10 N/A
Ireland 6-7 1-2 19 7-10 N/A
Italy 7-8 1-2 19 7-10 N/A
Latvia 4-7 1-2 8-10 7-10 N/A
Lithuania 5-7 1-2 9-10 7-10 N/A
Luxemburg 4-5 1-2 16 7-10 N/A
Netherlands 3-4 1-2 15 7-10 N/A
Norway 7-10 1-2 20 7-10 N/A
Poland 5-6 1-2 19 7-10 N/A
Portugal 6-9 1-2 19 10-15 N/A
Slovakia 4-5 1-2 7-9 7-10 N/A
Slovenia 4-5 1-2 7-9 7-10 N/A
Spain 7-9 1-2 19 7-10 N/A
Sweden 5-7 1-2 15 7-10 N/A
Switzerland 5-6 1-2 20 7-10 N/A
UK 3-7 1-2 15 7-10 2-3

Free delivery is available on orders over a minimum spend depending on the country where you place your order (see table below). Free delivery offer is valid online at shop.LEGO.com and for LEGO® Catalogue telephone orders. Qualifying purchases must be equal to or greater than the threshold value in merchandise only; any charges, Bricks & Pieces or value of gift cards purchased do not apply to the merchandise total.

Minimum spend for free shipping

Country Currency Code Threshold
Austria EUR 55 EUR
Belgium EUR 55 EUR
Czech Republic CZK 1400 CZK
Denmark DKK 400 DKK
Estonia EUR 55 EUR
Finland EUR 55 EUR
France EUR 55 EUR
Germany EUR 55 EUR
Greece EUR 55 EUR
Hungary HUF 17000 HUF
Ireland EUR 55 EUR
Italy EUR 55 EUR
Latvia EUR 55 EUR
Lithuania EUR 55 EUR
Luxemburg EUR 55 EUR
Netherlands EUR 55 EUR
Norway NOK 500 NOK
Poland PLN 200 PLN
Portugal EUR 55 EUR
Slovakia EUR 55 EUR
Slovenia EUR 55 EUR
Spain EUR 55 EUR
Sweden SEK 600 SEK
Switzerland CHF 100 CHF

Once your order reaches the applicable minimum spend, free standard delivery will automatically be added to your order. If you choose another delivery option, additional charges may apply. The LEGO Group reserves the right to terminate or modify (for future contracts) this shipping arrangement at any time without advance notice.

Flexible DHL Parcel Delivery

Your order will be delivered by our partner DHL. They will send you an email notification that will allow for more delivery options in the event that you are not home:

• Specify a preferred delivery location on your property
• Reschedule your delivery day
• Provide information for a preferred neighbour in your immediate area

If you wish to collect your parcel from a DHL parcel shop, please register on the DHL website before placing your order.

Express Shipping

Unless indicated otherwise, please allow 1-2 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) for the delivery of your order.

Please order by 3:30pm CET if you wish to receive your order the next day. Valid for metropolitan areas only.

Our shipping charges are set out in the table above. Express shipping is not available for Pick A Brick or Bricks & Pieces orders.

Shop.LEGO.com is the official LEGO® retail channel, selling LEGO products to individual consumers only.

If an order raises security concerns, the LEGO Group reserves the right to hold or cancel an order without prior notice or explanation. We will inform you accordingly without undue delay.

Gift Orders

Now you can order a gift for a friend or relative and be sure that your secret is safe! Every order is shipped in a plain box, and you can specify the "Ship To" address. Have your order sent to a friend or relative's house or to your place of employment, so you can plan a special surprise! If you have requested delivery to an address different from your billing address, price/billing details will not be included since we assume that the delivery is a gift to the recipient (this does not apply to Pick A Brick orders). Your pricing information will, however, be included in your shipping confirmation e-mail. 

Warranty and Product Information

For information about our products, replacement parts, warranty information or for any other questions you may have, please contact our Customer Service team. You’ll find our contact details on LEGO.com/service.

Order Value Standard Express
Up to 55,00 € 3.50 € 18.00 €
55,01+ € FREE 18.00 €

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