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Cole - Spinjitzu Master

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Cole - Spinjitzu Master4.666753.
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Master the art of Spinjitzu with the Black Ninja!

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Spin to the max with the LEGO® NINJAGO® 70637 Cole – Spinjitzu Master spinner toy, featuring a Spinjitzu spinner with buildable LEGO brick handle, spinner element with minifigure capsule, and a rip cord. Learn different minifigure-spinning, rolling and jumping techniques and tougher skills using the included weapon rack as an obstacle. Compete against your friends and use your environment to create countless fun Spinjitzu challenges. This battling toy includes an Earth Ninja Cole minifigure with 2 shurikens to hold in the spinner.

  • Includes a Cole minifigure.
  • Features a Spinjitzu spinner with buildable LEGO® brick handle, spinner element with minifigure capsule and rip cord, weapon rack with a hammer, and Cole’s 2 shurikens.
  • Learn The Palm Spin, The Orbit, The Zen, The Leapfrog, The Drift, The Knockout and other cool Spinjitzu moves.
  • Create your own spin-tastic challenges and compete against your friends.
  • Go online for even more Spinjitzu tricks and inspiring videos.
  • Combine with other Spinjitzu Masters spinner sets—70628 Lloyd, 70633 Kai, 70634 Nya, 70635 Jay and 70636 Zane—for ninja vs. ninja skill showdowns.
  • Spinjitzu spinner (without rip cord) measures over 5” (14cm) high, 3” (8cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep.
  • Weapon rack measures over 1” (4cm) high, 1” (4cm) wide and under 1” (2cm) deep.


Cole - Spinjitzu Master

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  • about 1 month ago
    Awesome Spinjitzu Toy!!!
    | 14-18
    이 상품을 친구에게 추천하시겠습니까? 예
    When I saw this set, I knew I had to get it. This set took 5 minutes to make. I tried it, and it was really fun. I am glad I got the new Cole minifigure because my latest one used to be Cole Rebooted (from 2014). I have one suggestion though - can you lower the price? I mean, there's only 73 pieces in it. I think $7.99 would be good instead of $9.99. Anyway, it's a great product, and I would recommend it.
    조립 난이도rating.prefix2rating.postfix
    구매 가치rating.prefix4rating.postfix
    : 5
    레고 조립 경험이: Intermediate LEGO builder
    도움이 되셨나요?
  • 5 months ago
    cool little toy
    | 25-34
    이 상품을 친구에게 추천하시겠습니까? 예
    구매 대상: Son
    easy to build. Fun to play with. I do wish it had more things to spin it on.
    조립 난이도rating.prefix2rating.postfix
    구매 가치rating.prefix4rating.postfix
    : 11
    레고 조립 경험이: Intermediate LEGO builder
    도움이 되셨나요?
  • about 1 month ago
    This set ROCKS!
    이 상품을 친구에게 추천하시겠습니까? 예
    구매 대상: Self
    This set is 0/10 No hot dogs! But the Minifigure is pretty coolaid!
    조립 난이도rating.prefix1rating.postfix
    구매 가치rating.prefix3rating.postfix
    : 18 시간 18
    레고 조립 경험이: Intermediate LEGO builder
    도움이 되셨나요?
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