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Straight & Crossroad Plates

Retired Product

Straight & Crossroad Plates3.413592.

Product Details

Add roads to your LEGO® town!



Expand your LEGO® town with this set of straight and crossroad plates. Includes one straight plate and one cross plate.

  • Each plate measures 10" (25cm) by 10" (25cm) or 32 studs by 32 studs.
Building Instructions
Straight & Crossroad Plates

Customer Reviews

Overall Ratingrating.prefix3.4rating.postfix
(92 Reviews)
70% would recommend this product.


Overall Experience

Play Experiencerating.prefix4.1rating.postfix
Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1.1rating.postfix
Value for Moneyrating.prefix2.3rating.postfix
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  • 3 months ago
    Not really a smart buy
    | 35-44
    Purchased for: Son
    I pulled out my old lego roadplates and the non 32x32 roadplates from the attic to build my kids an lego city. Since my kids got lego vehicles from lego city, they were wanting to have roads with them. They were given this set by a family member and then I checked the stores and online stores for the roadplates of lego city. Unfortunately I was shocked... Only because there were 2 sets and you can't buy the road plates seperately anymore like when I was a kid with the grey plates. Because of this I dug deep on the attic for my old lego road plates, now they have an lego city but the vehicles are a bit wider then the vehicles I had in my youth. I hope Lego will reconsider these packs and also make them cheaper because they cost tripple or more then the old plates did in the 80's. I don't want to buy a lot of straights and crossing only for the straights. The way I (re-)built the city for my kids only has 2 crossings 10 corners, 4 T and a lot of straights. If I had to buy these new roadplates I would have spent an fortune on them. Though do not get me wrong.. they look great and they allow for the new era vehicles to ride over them and stay between the roadlines. So my thumbs up on the detail of the plates, but thumbs down on the price and set selection. I rly hate giving bad review to Lego because I had sooo much fun in my youth with this toybrand.. my kids love Lego too..
    Play Experiencerating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Build Time: 1 mins
    Building Experience: Expert LEGO builder
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  • about 1 month ago
    At last a wide enough road!
    | 19-24
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    I have bought many of these roads for my city which I have just started to build. When I checked out first these roads I was very happy finding out that the road itself is 20 studs wide, i. e. 10 studs/side. This is a HUGE advantage above the old roads which I remember were only about 16 studs wide. It's a huge difference as now you can fit 8 or even 10 studs wide vehicles on the road easily. Many Lego creator cars are 8 studs wide, and when you build a car yourself with two seats next to each other in it then you can't really build it smaller, narrower either. So I can't accentuate it enough how this small change can add so much more fun and more usability to this road. Other advantage is that there is no grass area around the road. I like the grass in the city, but many times when for example you want to use it to build a road that crosses the dessert, it can be very annoying to cover the green area. So again, the neutral grey colour gives it a wider availability. My only criticism is that it would be better if it had a lighter grey colour, I think it's a little bit too dark, probably this is the only thing that I miss from the old road, which had a lighter grey colour. Overall a very good product, I highly recommend it to anybody, now you can build a city with proper vehicles, the road wideness won't be a problem any more. (sorry for my english, it's not my vernacular)
    Play Experiencerating.prefix5rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Building Experience: Expert LEGO builder
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  • about 2 months ago
    Nice roads, not-so-nice price, POOR choices
    | 35-44
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    These look nice, and work well with my sons' newer garbage, dump, fire, trailer trucks. However, they are slightly over-priced in general. My biggest complaint by far is the choices in the two-packs. We wanted to build an oval. We needed eight curves and ten straights to have a nice-size layout that still fits in our play space. That means a whole bunch of t-intersections and crossroads that I shelled out a small fortune for are now collecting dust (now I have to spend time trying to sell or trade these extra pieces). I understand the need for those pieces (and we will keep a few for future layouts), but it would be very nice to be able to buy a two-pack of just straights or just curves (and perhaps a two-pack with one t-intersection, one crossroad?). In short, if you are starting out building a city, these are good-looking, wide roads. They work well with the current generation of vehicles. If you are on a budget, they are not wallet-friendly. The choice in the two-packs is mind-blowingly poor, in my opinion.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Level of Difficultyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix1rating.postfix
    Building Experience: Intermediate LEGO builder
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  • about 2 months ago
    Is it Good, Better, or Best?
    Just good. Here's why: Suppose I want four straight plates-one for each side of the crossroad plate, plus additional straight plates to extend the straight road further. It means I have to buy more than four sets of 7280. I don't need that many crossroad plates! I would rate the plate design as Best because it does fit in well with the City Lego pieces. However, the fact that you cannot buy single or bulk straight plates of this design (same for the crossroad plate) bodes well only for the Lego Sales folks. Marketing should rethink this mistep.
    Play Experiencerating.prefix4rating.postfix
    Value for Moneyrating.prefix2rating.postfix
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