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Star Wars™Star Wars™

Snespeeder – 20-års jubilæumsudgave

Price349,00 kr.

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Snespeeder – 20-års jubilæumsudgave4.558.
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Byg, saml og leg med en særlig LEGO® Star Wars™ 20-års jubilæumsudgave af en snespeeder med laserkanoner!



Vær med til at markere en ægte milepæl blandt LEGO® Star Wars™ sæt med denne 75259 Snespeeder – 20-års jubilæumsudgave. Dette specialsæt er en opdateret version af den originale model 7130 Snowspeeder, der blev udgivet i 1999. Den har et cockpit, der kan åbnes og har plads til minifigurerne af Luke Skywalker og Dak Ralter i pilotdragter, laserkanoner, fjederbetjent skyder under hver vinge samt en knopskyder og harpun med snor bagtil. Dette LEGO Star Wars jubilæums-byggelegetøj indeholder også et hævbart og drejeligt kanontårn med knopskyder, så du kan udspille episk action fra slaget om Hoth fra Star Wars: Imperiet slår igen, samt en bonusminifigur af Lando Calrissian fra 2003 på et 20-års jubilæums-fremvisningspodie.

  • Indeholder 4 LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigurer: Luke Skywalker og Dak Ralter i deres pilotdragter, en oprørssoldat og jubilæums-bonusfigur af Lando Calrissian på et aftageligt fremvisningspodie.
  • Snespeeder-byggelegetøjet har cockpit, der kan åbnes og har plads til 2 minifigurer, 2 fjederbetjente skydere, knopskyder og harpun med snor bagtil samt et hævbart og drejeligt kanontårn med knopskyder.
  • Våben: Lando Calrissians originale blaster, Lukes blasterpistol og blå lyssværd samt oprørssoldatens blaster.
  • Tilbehør: elektrokikkert.
  • Dette LEGO® Star Wars™ byg selv-legetøj er en nyfortolkning af fartøjet 7130 Snowspeeder fra 1999 og er en god LEGO Star Wars gaveidé til byggere i alle aldre.
  • Minifiguren af Lando Calrissian er en gengivelse af den originale minifigur fra 2003 og har et 20-års jubilæumslogo.
  • Forbind LEGO® Star Wars™ 20-års jubilæums-minifigurernes fremvisningspodier, og få det perfekte samlerobjekt.
  • Udspil uforglemmelige scener fra slaget om Hoth fra Star Wars: Imperiet slår igen og andre scener fra Star Wars™ sagaen for at sætte gang i den kreative leg.
  • Snespeeder-modellen er over 5 cm høj, 18 cm lang og 14 cm bred.
  • Kanontårnet er over 8 cm højt, 6 cm bredt og 6 cm dybt.
Snespeeder – 20-års jubilæumsudgave


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88% af anmelderne vil anbefale dette produkt.


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  • 4 days ago
    Disappointing Build, Look For Another Snow Speeder
    | 45-54
    I am a huge Star Wars fan and love the snow speeder in the Battle of Hoth. When I saw this set I was very excited to purchase it. However, when I started to build it I was very disappointed by the amount of stickers I had to place on the Lego piece (way more than is necessary). Unfortunately, I feel like Lego is adding more and more stickers to the builds. I would understand if none of the pieces had "pre-stickers" on them, but there are some pieces that do (only one in this build which is the navigation system). Builds would be so much nicer without the stickers. Personally for me, if I can't get the stickers on perfectly, it drives me crazy. Second issue I had with the build is the grappling hook. Just having the tie the string was frustrating. I have fairly large fingers, and ended up having to get tweezers to help. Also the instructions for tying the knot were not very clear, and neither was how to push the poll through the opening with the string inside (kept pushing the string through the other side). Playing wise, the wings kept popping off, and yes, they were clipped in correctly. To top everything off, my build was missing a Lego piece, which Lego is shipping another one out. I love the original Star Wars builds, but this one just let me down.

    Response from LEGO SHOP

    6. maj 2019
    Emily, Customer Service
    Thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear that you had a disappointing experience with your set. It's really unusual to have a part missing, but we're glad you got in touch. As for stickers, our brick experts would be happy to help with some tips and tricks for getting them placed just right. You can get in touch at
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  • about 15 hours ago
    | 19-24
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    I really like this set! This is actually (somehow) my first Lego Snowspeeder and I love it! The build has nice size and is sturdy. The sticker selection is good, however I wish that this had the orange color scheme. The interior is well detailed and is functional enough. I don't have any issues with the main build. The secondary build is a nice and appropriate addition. I like the turret's look and ability to spin around and angle up and down. I personally leave off the stud shooter though, as it looks more realistic without it in my opinion. The minifigs are excellent as well. Luke and Dak both have the older helmet designs, which is fine. (especially since they couldn't fit into the speeder with the newer ones) The hoth rebel trooper is proper and I love the throwback blaster! The Lando is the biggest highlight! He looks great and the two- colored cape is sweet! (and covers up the 20th Aniversary print on the back of the torso) He is the best and most desirable of the exclusive figs to me. I know many people are fustrated with the fact that the snowspeeder build hasn't really changed in multiple years, but I think it's a pretty perfect design. Of course, that is coming from someone who just now owns one. All in all, I love everything about this set!
    Byggeerfaring: Avanceret LEGO bygger
    Var dette nyttigt?
  • about 15 hours ago
    Few easy mods, very happy with this set
    | 35-44
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    This set has a lot to offer. Airspeeder was fun to build. Side build (laser gun) looks great. Regular mini figs look good. In my opinion Lando is the best of the 5 20th anniversary mini figs to get. You get a lot here, lot of play value too. Few simple mods. 1) We put two of the extra red studs between the laser and the dark gray tips, looks much more powerful. Same thing with the ground cannon, added a red stud to the barrel. 2) We took the extra light gray stud (with the hole in it) and put the grappling hook in it. Now the rear stud shooter can shoot the hook. Works really well, only issue is you have to put some slack in the string else it gets hung up. Cons (always have to have some cons) 1) Rebel troops hats don't match the last battle pack (these are a darker tan). Not a huge issue, but would be nice if more consistent. 2)When I think of skyspeeders think of orange markings. This set comes in gray. I prefer the orange, but easy enough to change. 3) (this the only one I really care about) the back of Lando's torso is just lettering. Lucky the cape covers this, but wish it wasn't there. Great set, definitely recommend. If you are on the fence about getting it.....get it you won't be sorry.
    Var dette nyttigt?
  • 14 days ago
    Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary!
    | 35-44
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    One of my favorite ships from Star Wars. This set is a fun build and is similar to other speeder builds in the past. Glad it comes with the harpoon and cable since not snowspeeder is complete without one. The mini figures look really nice and can’t go wrong with the Anniversary Lando! Overall great set and recommended if you don’t have a Hoth Snowspeeder.
    Byggeerfaring: Avanceret LEGO bygger
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