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Bestil en pizza til at tage med!



Bag og servér pizza for kunderne med sættet LEGO® City Pizzavogn med en vogn med sider, der kan åbnes, og køkkenområde, en scooter og et bord, der kan bygges, med parasol. To minifigurer medfølger.

  • To minifigurer: pizzakok og kunde.
  • Pizzavogn, scooter og bord, der kan bygges, med parasol.
  • Pizzavognen har sider, der kan åbnes, og køkkenområde, så kokken kan servere pizza.
  • Scooter med plads bag sædet til en pizzaæske.
  • Byg bordet med parasollen.
  • Åbn pizzavognens sider for at få solgt nogle pizzaer.
  • Servér en hel pizza, et pizzastykke eller nogle pomfritter for kunden.
  • Tilbehør: pizzaæske, hel pizza, pizzastykke og pomfritter.
  • Alderssvarende bygge- og legeoplevelse for børn i alderen 5-12 år.
  • Pizzavognen er over 8 cm høj, 14 cm lang og 5 cm bred.
  • Scooteren er over 3 cm høj, 5 cm lang og under 2 cm bred.
  • Bordet med parasol er over 6 cm højt, 4 cm bredt og 4 cm dybt.


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94% af anmelderne vil anbefale dette produkt.


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  • about 2 months ago
    A little disappointing
    I am almost always happy with Lego purchases I make so I thought is was necessary to leave a short review of this one because I was a bit disappointed with the pizza van. I realise that this set is over 2 years old now so maybe design conventions have changed but I find it pretty inconvenient that the roof isn't designed to easily come off. It would make playing with the back part of the truck better. It's not easy to get a minifig in or out of there and it makes the 'oven' useless. There's a lot of stickers in this set which I'm not really a fan of. In general I just don't think it was well executed. It doesn't need two back windows and how do you generate enough power to run a pizza oven in such a tiny van? I do however like the Vespa-style motor scooter that is included.
    Var dette nyttigt?
  • over 1 year ago
    Who Doesn't Love Pizza? Or This Set?
    | 25-34
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    This is a fantastic little build, with the real selling points being the finer details. Being a vehicle, the pizza van is quite lifelike and mobile, well-balanced and the color scheme is ideally fitting. The addition of a moped was a plus and can be a fine selling point for kids who enjoy interacting with the toys. The patio table is another nice touch, with small pizza slice pieces to complete the outdoor eating scene. Where this set truly shines is, again, in the finer details. The interior of the pizza van is the showcase: a microwave with buttons and indicator light, a whole pizza on the stove, red and yellow dispensers which I assume are ketchup and mustard but could easily be pizza sauce and cheese sauce, and the two coolest items to me being the french fries and can of soda. The can-top flat piece for the soda is something I actually remember wishing for as a youngster. These details are topped off by a cash register, cool decals for the outside of the van and dual side doors that lift up to reveal the interior. Also a front driver area so both minifigs can be in the van together. Did I mention the pizza chef minifig is pretty nifty? I thoroughly enjoy this set. It's not an overly engaging build, rather simple for the most part, but assembling the interior is always a treat. A wonderful addition to a collection of City sets that recently have been far more hit than miss. This is one of the best I've come across, and a real value for the money.
    Byggeerfaring: Avanceret LEGO bygger
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  • 6 months ago
    | 25-34
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    This set has many features and accessories which allows for a variety of options for displaying or to be played with. The perfect addition to any City collection!
    Byggeerfaring: Ekspert LEGO bygger
    Var dette nyttigt?
  • 7 months ago
    amazing value
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    amazing value and great playability it really does look cool in my mini city and i have invented my own story behind it! definitely, recommend.
    Byggeerfaring: Avanceret LEGO bygger
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