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Killow mod Samurai X

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Killow mod Samurai X452.
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Bliv svært bevæbnet til en dynamisk duel mellem Killow og Samurai X!



Sæt Killows Oni-chopper op mod Samurai X-robotten i kamp om Oni-bedragmasken i dette actionfyldte LEGO® NINJAGO® sæt. Oni-chopperen har roterende savklinge fortil, klinger, der kan vippes ud, og aftagelige skateboards til Killow, mens den justerbare Samurai X-robot har dobbelt knopskyder, roterende klinge og aftagelig Samurai X-klinge. Dette seje legetøj til børn indeholder også 2 minifigurer og en stor figur med våben, der gør rollelegen mere levende.

  • Minifigurer af Samurai X og Jay samt en stor figur af Killow.
  • Oni-chopperen har førersæde til Killow, roterende savklinge fortil, 2 klinger, der kan foldes ud, 2 aftagelige skateboards og opbevaringsrum med pigbesat baseballbat.
  • Fastgør skateboardene til Killows fødder, og rul i kamp.
  • Samurai X-robotten har minifigurcockpit, der kan åbnes, justerbare arme og ben, gribende hænder, dobbelt knopskyder, roterende klinge og aftagelig Samurai X-klinge.
  • Tag Samurai X-klingen fra robottens ryg, og sæt den i robottens gribehånd for at angribe.
  • Den store figur af Killow har boosterpakke med 2 knopskydere, booster og flagelement.
  • Fastgør forvandlingselementet Oni-bedragmasken til den store figur af Killow for at gøre ham endnu ondere!
  • Våben: Jays nunchakuer og 2 katanaer samt Samurai X's 2 katanaer.
  • Minifiguren af Samurai X er en nyhed i januar 2018.
  • Genskab og udspil de episke kampscener fra tv-serien NINJAGO®: Masters of Spinjitzu.
  • Dette seje legetøj er egnet til børn i alderen 8-14 år.
  • Oni-chopperen er over 8 cm høj, 32 cm lang og 10 cm bred.
  • Samurai X-robotten er over 15 cm høj, 7 cm lang og 8 cm bred, og 22 cm bred med armene spredt ud.
  • Den store figur af Killow er over 6 cm høj.
  • Killows boosterpakke er over 8 cm høj, 6 cm bred og 4 cm dyb.
  • Som set i tv-reklamen for LEGO® Ride Ninja.


Killow mod Samurai X


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  • 4 days ago
    Samurai X has done it again
    | 14-18
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    I purchased this set on the 21/1 as part of the 2018 Sons of Garmadon Range. I will admit, I did this mainly for the Killow big-fig, as I have a rather large appreciation of orignial Lego big-fig designs, such as Dogshank and Killow. However, despite approaching the models with less than hopeful expectations they do have their pros. The Samurai X mech is built in a rather pleasantlyvaried construction style, utilising SNOT as well as regular construction, and the inclusion of several rare bricks in Lime green and Teal was welcome. The use of the cars hood for the cockpit was also good. The only major con I have with the mech is the weapons, which are quite tiny , with the spinning shield/gun being particularily disappointing. Additionally, the gold wing pack that can be detached as some sort of sword for the mech is rather odd, and does not look good at all; I have opted to make this permenantly part of the back decoration. Overall, though the mech is excellent, as it was no doubt designed more for play, which it succeeds at with its posability and stud shooters. The Oni bike is much, better in my opinion, with a rather accurate bike design (albeit with the red chainsaw) and in Purple, black and Red, it makes for a nice assortment of colors and pieces, both rare and common. Additionally, the storage for the baseball bat is convinient, and does not detract from the overall appeal. However, I for one am not a fan of the front chainsaw, as it sort of ruins the bike appeal. Others will disagree, but I opted to change it for one of the red hub caps from the Lego Batman movie barmobile to make it more, 'bikey' and less of a strange death machine combo. Also, the skateboards feel rather tacted on, but by opting to leave these off, you lose very little. Ovberall, though a very good SOG bike for thsi range. Finnally, the minifigures in the set. Jay is a nice, but ultimately forgettable variant of everyones favourite ginger (sorry, brown haired) ninja, utilising the new mask pieces in a good way. The inclusion of a double sided Samurai X head- with *Gasp* their identity is good, which i shall not spoil here. However, the star of the show is Killow, with a humoruously tiny head for his enormous body, and a good range of printing to comlete the look. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend the set to anyone, either for the builds or, like me, for the big fig and the color palette.
    Byggeerfaring: Mellemgod LEGO bygger
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  • 4 days ago
    A Great Set!
    | 14-18
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    I got this early at toys r us! I was just going to get a set from the movie, when I saw this and bought it! I think that this set is very good, the figures are great and Killows bike is much larger in real life than it aappears on the box! The only problem I have with this set is that the Printing on the alternate face for Samurai X was very light, and I could hardly see the details on the forehead. Overall I really appreciate this set and think that it was fun to build and had a good price to part ratio!
    Byggeerfaring: Ekspert LEGO bygger
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