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Marvel Super HeroesMarvel Super Heroes

Det ultimative slag om Asgård

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Det ultimative slag om Asgård4.142957.


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Flyv rumskibet Commodore, og gå sammen med Thor, Bruce Banner og Valkyrie i kamp mod Hela, hendes bersærkere og Fenrisulven i det spændende LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes sæt Det ultimative slag om Asgård. Commodore har to dobbelte knopskydere og minifigur-nedkastningsfunktion, mens Fenrisulv-figuren, der kan bygges, har justerbare led, så den kan sættes i forskellige kampstillinger. Seks minifigurer med forskellige våben medfølger, f.eks. Thor og Helas energiskud, der gør rollelegen endnu vildere.

  • Seks minifigurer: Thor, Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, Hela, to bersærkere samt en figur af Fenrisulven, der kan bygges.
  • Rumskibet Commodore har minifigurcockpit, der kan åbnes, to dobbelte knopskydere, lastrum, der kan åbnes, og minifigur-nedkastningsfunktion.
  • Fenrisulven har et hoved, der kan bygges, med selvlysende øjenelementer, minifigursæde og justerbare led.
  • Våben: Thor og Helas energiskud (tre hver), Helas sværd og økse, Valkyries sværd og bersærkernes klinger (to hver).
  • Tilbehør: Thors hjelm, der er ny i juni 2017, og Helas ben, der kan bygges.
  • Sæt energiskudselementerne på Thor og Helas hænder, og før dem indad for at affyre!
  • Alle seks minifigurer er nye i juni 2017.
  • Minifiguren af Bruce Banner har to ansigter – drej hovedet for at igangsætte hans forvandling til den vrede Hulk.
  • Rumskibet Commodore er over 3 cm højt, 22 cm langt og 20 cm bredt.
  • Fenrisulven er over 8 cm høj, 16 cm lang og 6 cm bred.


Det ultimative slag om Asgård


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86% af anmelderne vil anbefale dette produkt.


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  • 2 months ago
    Its a bird, its a plane,its the god of... hammers?
    | 14-18
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    This set is yet another great but pricey marvel Lego with a very well designed ship, epic minfigs, and a dog. Here are the good parts and the flaws of this set. Grandmasters ship- The ship is a great design and a strong structure. The curved part of the ship is very well made and doesn't break when you touch it. it also has a storage compartment, a roomy cockpit, and a launching mechanism when Bruce wants to turn in to the hulk again. Its a pretty good build but why did they not include space for at least 3 minifigs? 8.5/10 Fenris wolf- Fenris isn't too disappointing, but its hard to tell where his facial parts are. When I built the set, i thought his ears were his eyes!!! His legs are also kind of hard to put in to some poses but other than that its pretty good. 6/10 Minifigs- Berserkers- the two berserkers in this set are cool minifigs, but they don't look anything like the ones in the movie. I think Lego could at least have given them a helmet, or even swords. 7/10 Thor- Thor is a pretty good Minifig, even if it is a lot like the one in Thor v.s. Hulk arena clash. My only complaint is that he does not have hair, but i got the Thor,s weapon quest, so all is good now 9/10 Bruce-Bruce is a bit of a disappointment, because he is exactly like the one in hulkbuster smash-up, and doesn't even look like in the movies. 4/10 Valkrie- Valkrie is great, other than the fact that everyone I know thinks shes a boy. She has a very unique torso, cape, hair, and swords, making a very unique minifig. 9.5/10 Hela- hela is amazing with unique headset, and a stand for her to... stand on!! this is one of my best minifigs yet!! 10/10 It is really too bad that this set did not come with any gladiators, or even Heimdall or Skurge. Well, again its the end.
    Byggeerfaring: Ekspert LEGO bygger
    Var dette nyttigt?
  • 3 months ago
    So HOT
    | 35-44
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    Figs are meh, except for Hela. The dog is a cool build too. The ship went to the parts bin, and the other figs are hitting the resell bucket.
    Byggeerfaring: Avanceret LEGO bygger
    Var dette nyttigt?
  • 3 months ago
    Good, but missing Loki
    This set looks very well made, but in the movie, Loki is fighting for Asgard, on the heroes side, which is a very important in the story-line of the MCU, so I think that including everyone on Thor's little Revengers team except for Loki is not giving him the credit he deserves. i would like for that to be fixed please.
    Var dette nyttigt?
  • 3 months ago
    So Useful!!
    Jeg vil anbefale denne til en ven!
    Man oh man do I love this set!! Not enough blocks on the play feature meter to express how excellent it is. My nephew and I made a rainbow bridge and did the scene from Ragnarok where Banner drops from the plane only to crash face first into the bridge and it was so much fun! The Minifigures are excellent additions to my collection and the buildable Fenris has become my wife's favorite piece! The detail on the ship is impeccable. I would have liked it to be larger but that could be said about pretty much every set I have. I can't wait to incorporate it into a larger display with the bridge and a backdrop.
    Byggeerfaring: Avanceret LEGO bygger
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