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Chrám vzkříšení

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Product rating. 4 out 5 stars
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Vstup do Chrámu vzkříšení s funkcí přeměny dobra na zlo, komnatou vzkříšení Lorda Garmadona, pavoučím vězením, funkcemi padacích dveří, 3 Oni maskami a 7 minifigurkami.

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Pomoz nindžům ochránit Chrám vzkříšení a zabránit znovuzrozením Lorda Garmadona s touto propracovanou sadou od LEGO® NINJAGO®. Chrám má vstupní lávku, otevírací stěny, pavoučí vězení, otáčející stěny s ukrytými Oni maskami a 2 funkce padacích dveří. Aktivuj střešní funkci přeměny dobra na zlo a odhal komnatu vzkříšení Lorda Garmadona. Tato stavebnice obsahuje 7 minifigurek a tajemné dítě pro ještě intenzivnější zážitek z bitvy mezi nindži a Garmadonovy syny.

  • Obsahuje 7 minifigurek: Cole, Lloyd, Harumi, Hutchins, Pan E, Chopper Maroon, Lord Garmadon, a navíc tajemné dítě.
  • Chrám vzkříšení má 2 patra, střešní funkci přeměny dobra na zlo a komnatu vzkříšení Lorda Garmadona.
  • Spodní patro obsahuje modrou základní desku připomínající vodu, rákosí, vstupní lávku, otevírací stěny, sestavitelného kostlivce, otevírací pavoučí vězení pro minifigurky, bednu s kopím, sai dýkou, mečem a kendo maskou, a navíc 2 venkovní dílky se symbolem vlajky.
  • Horní patro má balkón se zábradlím, 2 vnější dekorace, 2 funkce padacích dveří, 3 Oni masky – masku nenávisti, masku klamání a masku pomsty – přičemž 2 masky jsou ukryty za otáčejícími zdmi.
  • Aktivuj střešní funkci přeměny dobra na zlo, změň vzhled chrámu a odkryj komnatu vzkříšení Lorda Garmadona s podstavcem pro Lorda Garmadona a 2 průsvitnými dílky ve tvaru plamenů.
  • Mezi zbraněmi najdeš Coleovo kladivo a 2 katany, Lloydův meč a 2 katany, Hutchinsovu hůl, 2 katany Pana E a katanu a klíč Choppera Maroona.
  • Přehrávej si své oblíbené epické scény z televizního seriálu NINJAGO® Mistři Spinjitzu.
  • Tato stavebnice je vhodná pro děti od 7 do 14 let.
  • Měří přes 26 cm na výšku, 19 cm na šířku a 17 cm do hloubky.
  • Z televizní reklamy LEGO® Ride Ninja.
Chrám vzkříšení is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 5.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Temple of Possibilty I love this set. It is well designed, has great looks, and is fun to play with. I’ve spent hours adding to the base set. It seems like it was designed with blank spaces asking to be embellished. Great play value.
Date published: 2018-02-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from LEGO ninjago temple of resurrection Thsi LEGO set is very amazing and looks great it’s comes whith a total of 8 mininfigures including a little baby in a rush sack. But the best part is that there are exclusive minifigs in the set and all three of the one makes come in thsi set and at the back of the build there’s a liver that you pull and when you pull it the roof turns into an evil oni face and it looks great but the only thing is that the mask fell of easly but if you put them on really well it won’t fell of.
Date published: 2018-04-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from 70643 Temple of Resurrection The Lego Ninjago set 70643 Temple of Resurrection is a set of 765 pieces. Those pieces can be used to build a two-story temple, 7 minifigures, a baby in a rucksack, and a skeleton figure. Instead of the push tabs usually present in smaller sets, the box of this set is closed by plastic seals. The instruction booklet and sticker sheet are both inside the same protective plastic bag, and there are a total of six numbered bags inside the box. A closer inspection of the instruction manual reveals a total of 144 pages, and an impressive 202 steps from start to finish. The sticker sheet contains 10 stickers, two of which are quite large. The color scheme of the rather large temple is gray, red, black and gold, with some white, blue (for water), and green (for some vegetation) thrown in for good measure. It appears that the temple is situated on top of a rock formation jutting out from a body of water, and if one really squints one's eyes, in the "evil mode" the temple looks like a white-fanged monster with its red tongue sticking out. All of the 7 minifigures seem to be either completely new figures for 2018, or at least have an updated printing on their bodies. All minifigures have printing on both sides of their torsos, but unfortunately only Lloyd and Cole have heads with alternate expressions. Cole is wearing a ninja head wrap with a dark brown bandana-style headband, a black sleeveless top with gray and orange trim, brown stippling, Ninjago characters and a sash printed on it, black trousers (also stippled with brown) with gray knee wraps, and a scabbard for two swords. Lloyd is similarly dressed in a green head wrap with a black bandana, a scabbard, and a green robe with a gray sash, knee wraps and green stippling all over his robe and trousers. Harumi's face is heavily made-up, while her dual-molded headpiece has white hair in a ponytail on top and some kind of a crown-type golden thingamajig circling her head below the hair. She is wearing a white cape with red printing. Her clothes, a long dark green robe on top of a shorter one, are different shades of green with gold and red trimming and she has golden sandals printed on her toes. Hutchins has a gray beard and a patch over his right eye. He wears a golden helmet and golden shoulder armor. His clothes are green, with gold and black trimming, gold letters printed on the right side, and gray squares on his toes. Mr. E is dressed in black and red: a black helmet with a red visor, black shoulder armor, a black jacket with gray, white and red printing, red gloves, and black trousers with red knee pads. His head is completely black with white eyes rimmed with red. Chopper Maroon is also a fan of red and black: his hair is shaved from both sides leaving a strip of longer, red hair in the center, and his scarf and clothes are black with silver and white printing on the torso. His face has a distinct skull-like appearance and he has silver stars printed on the forehead. Chopper Maroon is the only minifigure in this set with unprinted legs. The four-armed, red-eyed Lord Garmadon might be described as smiling. His samurai helmet is black as is his head and body. His armored upper torso has shoulder pads, and silver, gray and purple printing on it, while the lower torso has gray ribs and a blue sash (which continues down his legs) printed on it. As far as I know, Harumi and Hutchins are currently available only in this set, while the other minifigures (or slightly different versions of them) can be found in other sets as well. There are some new or rare pieces in the set: the three Oni masks (Mask of Hatred, Mask of Deception and Mask of Vengeance) are new parts for 2018, as well as the green 5-petaled flowers (design ID 24866). The red ninja sword (design ID 21459) of Mr. E is a recolor, as is the black kendo mask (element ID 6197924), the red technic lever (design ID 11478) and also the golden ornamental fence piece (design ID 32932). Stage 1 (bag 1) contains the pieces to build Lloyd, Cole, a baby in a rucksack, and the center part of the ground floor of the temple. First two stickers of the set get applied at this point. The build is rather repetitive because the building is symmetrical. I thought the pieces used for this part of the set were quite big, however I was left with 11 spares, which may tell a different story. Stage 2 (bag 2) starts with piecing together 4 minifigures: Harumi, Hutchins, Mr. E, Chopper Maroon, and the skeleton figure, for whom there was an extra leg in my set. This stage builds the two hinged side pieces of the temple ground floor that look like rock formations, and the detachable gangway. The rock wall on the right side does not close all the way because the spider web inside is too thick. I thought the parts used were on the smaller side, which is corroborated by the fact that in the end I had 16 spare pieces, including a red sword, Chopper Maroon's cool red hairpiece, and two black scarfs. This stage is sticker-free. Stage 3 (bag 3) reveals the pieces for the ground floor roof (or perhaps the floor of the temple) with two trap doors. Most of the parts are very large, with only two spare parts, but, much to my chagrin, there are technic pieces and upside down building involved, too. Two stickers are applied to two white flags hanging down the sides of the temple. Stage 4 builds the side walls of the upper floor/temple, plus the gold railing in front, and the center part of the back wall. The parts used are relatively large, my set had only three spares after finishing this stage. There is, again, some repetition because of the aforementioned symmetry of the building. Stage 5 contains the pieces for two turning wall sections of the temple back wall along with some menacing technic gears or whatnots that form a part of the roof mechanism. I was left with eight spares. This is the stage where the two largest stickers are pasted on white window panes. The instructions suggest that the stickers should be applied after the panes are placed inside their black frames, but I found that exceedingly difficult (read: an absolute disaster, but the stickers were still intact even after two or three peelings-off). I think that it might be a good idea to try to apply the stickers on loose panes first. Stage 6 starts with building the remaining minifigure (Garmadon) but the majority of the parts are dedicated to the roof and its good-to-evil transformation function. The two roof sections are very similar, but not identical, and (sort of) are in mesh with each other when the mechanism is used. This stage of the build consists of some upside down building, and piecing together a variety of very intimidating technic bits. The last four stickers are applied, but I found them easy-peasy compared to the ones in the previous stage. My set had eight spare pieces after completing this part of the build. I had a really hard time putting the roof mechanism together, in fact, I thought I would never ever finish the set. Hands down, the absolute worst, nightmare-inducing bit was getting the reddish brown cross axle with a stop (element ID 6159763) to slide into the red 1x2 brick with a cross hole (6196217) without actually seeing the position of the hole in the brick. As it turns out, the key to resolve the situation was to follow the instructions precisely to the letter and replicate the positioning of the moving roof sections and those of the brown axles exactly as pictured on the instruction booklet. And I do mean exactly, I cannot emphasize this enough. In my set, the mechanism is extremely stiff and I'm pretty sure I've put the pieces together either too loosely or too tightly. Neither tweaking the mechanism nor removing and replacing some of the parts involved has not loosened the mechanism at all, but do I confess I am very bad at building with technic parts. The majority of the build is on the easy side, although I did make a few minor mistakes along the way, but for me the most difficult part was the horrid technic pieces, followed closely by aligning the two large window stickers. I strongly suspect these bits might be too difficult for at least some eight-year-olds to handle on their own (the set is suitable for children between the ages of 8 and 14) and suggest some kind of adult supervision for the last two stages of the build. As it turns out, I actually finished the set without rolling on the floor kicking and screaming, and apart from the completely botched window stickers and near-failure to complete the roof, the rest of the build was in fact a pleasure. There is some innovative and curious use of parts (such as white rims used in lanterns), the set is aesthetically very pleasing, and full of interesting and cute details. Even the stickers are pretty and enhance the appearance of the temple. The main reason I chose to acquire this set were the immensely cool Oni masks and minifigures, which certainly lived up to my expectations, so the aesthetic side was a bonus for me. The set is not just a pretty thing, it is also very sturdy and can be lifted as one piece without stuff falling off. There seems to be a perfect balance in this set: it not only looks good, but it also has a ton of play features and/or accessories, and even a back wall for the temple! There are a couple of things in this set that I think could be improved upon: 1) When Garmadon is standing on his (very small) plinth between the flames near the apex of the roof there is very little room for his arms: if extended, they will snag on the roof bits when the good-to-evil function is used. 2) The hinged rock formations tend to just flop open revealing the secret contents to all and sundry. A locking mechanism would have been greatly appreciated. 3) The revolving walls have to be operated by hand. Some kind of contraption to turn them both simultaneously would have been nice.
Date published: 2018-02-21
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Cool set. Well, this is a great set. But for me it broke, it was the first lego i ever built so i was just a beginner. This set is really really fragile so careful not to move it around too much. Ok into the good stuff! The funniest playfeature is the trapdoors. Lloyd goes on, Mr. E can activate it so he doesnt take the oni mask. This set comes with all 3 oni masks so if you want all the oni masks without purchasing three sets, this set is for you. Also it comes with 7 minifigures which explains the high price. Harumi, Garmadon, Lloyd, Cole, Mr. E, Chopper Marroon, and a baby.
Date published: 2018-09-02
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