Space Shuttle

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  • Ages:5-12
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Your mission:  Blast off from LEGO® City and release the satellite into orbit with the Space Shuttle’s robotic arm!


Blast into orbit over LEGO® City!

Rocket into orbit on an important space mission! Blast off from our LEGO® City and set your navigation for deep space! Help the astronaut to open the cargo bay doors, then use the robotic arm to release the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit!

  • Includes astronaut minifigure in spacesuit
  • Features the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Open cargo bay doors!
  • Catch and release the Hubble Space Telescope with the robotic arm!
  • Space Shuttle measures over 8” (20cm) tall and 10” (25cm) wide
  • Telescope measures over 2” (5cm) long and 3” (7cm) wide