Police Headquarters

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  • Ages:6-12
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Stop the prison break-out!

The whole Police Headquarters is on alert to catch escaped prisoners! When you catch the robbers, throw them back into jail. This fun set can be divided in two and arranged however you like it.

  • Includes police headquarters, prison transport truck, car and motorcycle
  • Also includes 5 policeman, 2 prisoners and a police dog, plus lots of accessories
  • Features realistic details, including gates that open, spotlights on roof, command base tower, garage doors that slide open and more!
  • Set includes 2 prison cells with toilets and beds, keys hanging outside the prison cells, and even handcuffs to put on the prisoners! But be careful not to let the prisoners escape through the trick walls!
  • Police Headquarters has rooms for interrogation, a coffee break, computer work, and a refrigerator with water cooler!