LEGO® Mini Box Blue

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Take your love of LEGO® wherever you go in a studded, LEGO brick Mini Box, perfect for storing bricks, snacks and more!

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Store your snacks with LEGO® style!

Build your love of LEGO® with this classic 2x2 LEGO brick Mini Box! It’s the perfect place to keep bricks and smaller LEGO collectibles safe. Or store fruit, nuts and other snacks inside any lunch box. Makes a great gift for LEGO fans!

• Store LEGO® bricks, snacks and more!
• Fit 2 Mini Boxes inside the 5001376 LEGO Lunch Box for a separate place for snacks!
• Makes a great gift for LEGO fans!
• Measures more than 3” (7cm) long, 1” (5cm) wide and 1” (4cm) high