Legends of Chima™

LEGO® Legends of Chima™: The Power of the CHI DVD

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Watch as the story of the LEGO® Legends of Chima™ unfolds in the original LEGO animated DVD: The Power of the CHI!

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Go deep into the Land of Chima™ and see how it all began!

Journey into Chima™ — a magical world of untamed nature, beauty and wonder ruled by animal tribes. A world where CHI, the power of nature itself, is carefully guarded by the Lion tribe who equally share it among all of Chima’s tribes where the animals live and thrive peacefully. Laval the Lion, heir to the Lion tribe's throne, and Cragger the Crocodile are the best of friends until an unfortunate series of events make young Cragger the King of the Crocodiles. As he throws everything out of balance and begins a battle for control of the land’s CHI, alliances among the tribes are formed and former friends are suddenly worst enemies. Watch all of the action unfold on this animated LEGO® DVD!• Includes 1 DVD featuring the first 2 episodes of Season 1 LEGO® Legends of Chima™• Total running time is 44 minutes• Makes a great gift for fans of the Legends of Chima building sets!