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LEGO® Farm Brick Box

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  • Ages:4+
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  • Pieces:232
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Create some building fun down on the farm with elements and inspiration for making your country creations come to life!


Build creations down on the farm with this LEGO® Farm Brick Box!

With a great selection of LEGO® bricks, including a farmer minifigure, wheels, windows and door, the LEGO Farm Brick Box is the perfect portal to a world of LEGO building fun. Comes in a sturdy LEGO brick storage box. Includes booklet containing easy-to-follow building instructions and inspirational ideas.

  • Includes farmer minifigure
  • Features great selection of farm-themed LEGO® bricks and accessories including a wrench, wheels, windows, door, steering wheel, fence and roof bricks
  • Also includes LEGO® brick separator
  • Build a boat, truck, race car and more!
  • Sturdy, reusable LEGO brick storage box also included
  • Includes easy-to-follow building instructions and inspirational ideas
  • Download additional building instructions at!
  • Contains 232 elements in a variety of colors