Legends of Chima™

CHI Gorzan

  • Item: 70202
  • Ages:6-12
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  • Pieces:59
  • Retired product

CHI-up and swing into battle with CHI Gorzan, a CHI-powered warrior with big fists, a heavy mace, spiked shoulder armor and more!


Build the ultimate Gorzan – with CHI power!

Swing or smash into a jungle battle with CHI Gorzan! This powered-up warrior defends the Gorilla tribe with a heavy-duty mace, big fists, spiked shoulder armor and a golden CHI orb chest plate. Take on CHI Razar and the rest of the bird-brained Raven tribe with CHI Gorzan’s brute strength.

• Features a CHI mace, big heavy fists, spiked shoulder armor and golden CHI orb chest plate• Smash into battle with the spiked mace• Move his super-flexible limbs for action-packed battle poses!• Grip with his giant fists to swing into battle• Battle with 70205 CHI Razar• Combine with 70205 CHI Razar using building instructions available at LEGO.com\Chima\BI to create an even bigger CHI Gorzan figure• Stands over 6" (16cm) tall