Tumbler 2014

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  • Ages:6+
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Enjoy drink time with the LEGO® Chima™ Tumbler with removable, twisty straw, fun Chima decoration and elements in the base.


Have a tribal drink with the LEGO® Chima™ Tumbler!

Have a make-believe drink from the Sacred Pool of CHI with this fun LEGO® Chima Tumbler. Grab the colorful, transparent cup and take a big sip from the removable, super-twisty straw. When you’re finished, give the tumbler a shake and see the Chima elements fly around inside the sealed base. Make every drink a Chima adventure!

  • Features a removable, super-twisty straw, LEGO® Chima™ elements sealed in the base and Chima decoration on transparent plastic
  • Straw detaches for easy cleaning of the tumbler
  • Shake the tumbler and watch the LEGO® Chima elements fly around!
  • Makes a great gift!
  • Tumbler measures over 4” (11cm) tall