Pricing Policy

The pricing of your LEGO® order is determined by the country to which you are shipping.


The table below shows the currency your order will be charged in, which is based on the country to which your order is being shipped. Pricing includes appropriate VAT or a similar form of consumption tax.

All prices displayed on the website are subject to change and amends without prior notice. The applicable price is the price set out on the website next to the product in question on the date that you place your order.

Country Currency Currency Abbreviation
Austria Euro EUR
Australia Australian Dollar AUD
Belgium Euro EUR
Denmark Danish Krone DKK
Metropolitan France Euro EUR
Finland Euro EUR
Germany Euro EUR
Ireland Euro EUR
Italy Euro EUR
Luxembourg Euro EUR
Netherlands Euro EUR
Czech Republic Czech Koruna CZK
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar NZD
Norway Norwegian Kroner NOK
Hungary Hungarian Forint HUF
Poland Polish Zloty PLN
Portugal Euro EUR
Spain Euro EUR
Sweden Swedish Krona SEK
Switzerland Swiss Franc CHF
UK British Pound GBP

Please note that shipping and handling may incur additional charges based on the order value.