LEGO® 2x4 Brick Key Light (Blue)

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  • Ages:5+
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Lead the way to building adventure with the super-bright, blue LEGO® 2x4 LED Brick Key Light, featuring momentary switch!


Light your way in classic LEGO® style!

Light the way to all your building adventures with the iconic blue LEGO® 2x4 Brick Key Light. Sturdy metal ring makes this super-bright LED flashlight a great backpack charm, or keeps it secure on your key chain. Features an easy-to-turn-on-and-off momentary switch. Makes a great gift for LEGO® fans!

• Super-bright LED flashlight on a sturdy metal ring
• Classic 2x4 LEGO® brick design in iconic blue
• Features momentary switch
• Attach to your keys or backpack!
• Makes a great gift LEGO® fans!