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The LEGO VIP Program is available in LEGO Stores, for orders via telephone and online at LEGO.com/shop. For a full list of LEGO Store locations, visit LEGO.com/stores


1. To join the LEGO VIP Program speak to a Store Associate at your local LEGO Store*, sign up online or call Consumer Services.

2. A member name, valid email and mailing address must be provided to join and register for the program. VIP Members will receive regular email communications and occasional postal mail automatically from the VIP Team.

If you wish to unsubscribe from email communications or would no longer like receive postal mail, you may contact Consumer Services at 06 80 018 910. You can also click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any promotional email. Please note that you will continue to receive transactional email messages pertaining to your account for the duration of your VIP program membership.

3. Please note that you will need to be signed in with LEGO ID to join the program and register online.

4. The LEGO VIP Program is sponsored by LEGO System A/S

LEGO System A/S
Aastvej 1
DK-7190 Billund
CVR Number; 47458714, part of the LEGO Group of Companies ("the LEGO Group")

5. For any enquiries, members may contact the company via email by clicking here

*For a full list of LEGO Store locations, visit LEGO.com/shop


1. Members who join the VIP Program in a LEGO Store or over the phone are required to create an online LEGO ID and register their card number online in order to complete their membership and to begin taking advantage of the benefits of the program. At various times during the year, members may have the potential to earn additional VIP points when they complete their online registration. This is at the discretion of the LEGO Group, and these opportunities will be announced as part of promotional activities.

2. An online LEGO ID is required to register. LEGO ID is free and can be obtained by signing up here. A valid email address and date of birth is required to register for LEGO ID.

3. Members that join the VIP Program via a LEGO Store or phone order, and subsequently do not register their card number online within one (1) year of joining the Program, will have their points expire and their point balance reset to zero.

4. Until your online registration is completed, VIP Points can be earned, but they cannot be redeemed.

5. You must ensure that you keep your email address operational or notify us if you change it at any time. If you do not, you may not receive the notices from us under these terms and conditions.

6. To be a member of the LEGO VIP Program, you must be aged eighteen (18) years or older and a legal resident of Hungary.

7. You must be (eighteen) 18 years or older to shop online or order over the phone.

8. Members of the same household may link their LEGO VIP Accounts to create a Family Membership, in which all points earned will enter a points pool, from which any linked Family Member can redeem.

9. Family Members are defined as persons aged eighteen (18) years or older, living at the same physical mailing address.

10. Each Family Member expressly agrees that it authorizes each other Family Member to dispose of the points pool individually regardless of the redeeming Family Member’s age. LEGO is not responsible for the misuse of points by family members.

11. By submitting an application for the LEGO VIP Program, you must agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


1. To earn LEGO VIP Points in LEGO Stores, you must provide your LEGO VIP Card at the time of purchase. The VIP Program is not available in LEGOLAND shops or LEGOLAND Discovery Centres and as such points may not be earned (or redeemed) in these locations.

2. To earn LEGO VIP Points for online purchases, you will need to be signed in to your LEGO ID account.

3. To earn LEGO VIP Points for telephone purchases you will need to be registered (if you signed up in store) and be able to provide your VIP Card number while placing the order over the phone.

4. VIP Members will earn one point for every 300 Ft spent on eligible purchases.

5. Eligible purchases are defined as any service or merchandise available for purchase, excluding gift cards. Points will be earned on purchases made with gift cards at the time the gift card is redeemed. Excluding replacement parts purchased via Consumer Service "Bricks & Pieces".

6. Points will be added to member’s LEGO VIP Program accounts at time of payment.

7. Points earned may take up to twenty four (24) hours after purchase to post to your account.

8. Applicable postage/shipping charges are excluded from point earnings.

9. Points cannot be redeemed against the same purchase upon which they are earned.

10. Points will not be awarded on prior purchases made before membership to the VIP Program.

11. Points cannot be purchased, transferred or redeemed for cash.


1. Once your point balance reaches 100 points, you may redeem your points for a 1500 Ft discount at the LEGO Store, online or over the phone.

2. Members may choose to accumulate points and will consequently earn a 1500 Ft discount for every 100 points.

3. Points may be redeemed in any of the countries that the LEGO VIP Program is available and the reward value will be calculated using the VIP Points value for that country.

4. Points may not be redeemed during the same transaction in which they are earned.

5. Points may not be redeemed against the purchase of gift cards (plastic or electronic).

6. Points cannot be redeemed for cash and change will not be given on purchases totaling less than the rewards value.


1. On products returned for refund, any points earned for the original purchase will be deducted from the member’s account balance.

2. If no points are currently available, the value of any redeemed points on that purchase will be deducted from the refund amount.

3. If a product you buy with points is faulty, please return it for refund or replacement. If necessary, we will re-credit your account balance.


1. If your VIP Card is lost or stolen, contact Customer Services for a replacement card. Please note: you will be asked security questions related to your VIP account to process this request. The lost card will be deactivated and your points balance will be transferred to the new card.


1. All VIP points expire on the date of December 31st two (2) years after the year in which they were earned.

2. Members will be notified via email six (6) and three (3) months prior to the expiration of any points.

3. To cancel your membership, contact Customer Services. Please note: you will be asked security questions related to your account to process your request.

4. Failure to meet or observe any of the above terms and conditions, or intentional misuse of this program, may result in membership termination with immediate effect at the sole discretion of the LEGO Group.

5. Misuse of the program includes, but is not limited to, excessive and unnecessary returns or refunding and excessive variations to purchasing or ship to locations. The LEGO Group reserves the right to cancel or remove points which have been issued to a members account by mistake or due to a system or human error. The LEGO Group will not tolerate knowing misuse of the system when/if an error in the number of points occurs, and such misuse can lead to termination of the members account and a ban from future use. Members who refuse requests to return illegitimate product purchases may face legal action.

6. In the event of membership termination on the basis of misuse, no compensation will be offered for points earned.

7. The LEGO Group reserves the right to cancel or substantially modify this program anytime, and on such occasion will notify VIP Members in advance via email. Any points earned before the implementation of such cancellation or modification, shall not be affected.

8. In the event of program cancelation or substantial modifications, members will be informed twelve (12) months in advance, providing reasonable time for reward redemption.


1. The VIP Program is subject to the LEGO.com Privacy Policy.

The LEGO VIP Program

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