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LEGO® Power Functions IR Receiver

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    Add remote-control functionality to your LEGO® models!

    Build this LEGO® Power Functions IR receiver into your LEGO models and add amazing movement and functionality with a click of the remote control (available separately, see item #8885 or 8879)!

    • IR Reciver has 2 outputs that connect up to 2 different LEGO Power Functions.
    • The LEGO Power Functions IR RC system operates on 4 different channels enabling you to control 4 different models at the same time. Use 8885 IR Remote Control or 8879 IR Speed Remote control to control functions on the IR Receiver!
    • The reaching distance of the infra-red RC system is at least 30' (10m).
    • Requires battery box (Item #8881), not included.
    • This item is Version 1. Version 2 is not available for individual sale.