The LEGO® Minifigure: Year by Year

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Follow the evolution of the LEGO® minifigure, year by year, in all of your favorite themes, with fun facts and expert info!

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Collect the complete visual history of the LEGO® Minifigure!

Learn more than ever before about the LEGO® minifigure! Trace the history of this fun little creation through time as it evolved in every theme and every year. This full-color collection features great visuals with fun facts, designer secrets and details you won't find anywhere else. Makes a great must-have gift for minifigure fans!

  • Features 256 full-color pages of LEGO® minifigure history and photos
  • Learn the fun facts and design details of the minifigure, from its creation to today!
  • Makes a great gift for minifigure collectors!