Hero Factory

SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine

  • Item: 44028
  • Ages:8-14
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  • Pieces:188
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Battle the jumpers with LEGO® Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine with fly mode, flick missiles, click shooters, cocoon and more.


Split up to attack the jumpers with SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine!

Go to work, SURGE & ROCKA! Attack the hatching jumpers and clear the way for the other heroes to find the Queen’s lair with the awesome Combat Machine. Pilot SURGE – unleash the six-pack of flick missiles and fire the powerful shooter to fend off the swarm of evil beasts. Co-pilot ROCKA – detach, engage fly mode and fire the breakaway copter’s flick missiles to give the jumpers more trouble than they can handle. Includes SURGE and ROCKA mini robots with weapons.

  • Includes SURGE and ROCKA mini robots with weapons
  • Features fly mode detachable top with co-pilot seat, opening armored visor, moveable wings and 4 flick missiles, detachable pilot seat with opening armored visor, six-pack flick missiles, firing shooter, posable joints and translucent elements
  • Includes click shooters for SURGE and ROCKA
  • Also includes a cocoon and 2 jumpers
  • Shoot the six-pack of flick missiles!
  • Flip out the sides of the cocoon to hatch a jumper
  • Make the jumpers leap with a flick of your finger!
  • Open fire with the click shooters
  • Detach the top and engage fly mode to give the jumpers double trouble
  • Switch the top of SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine with the top of 44025 BULK Drill Machine or 44027 BREEZ Flea Machine to confuse the beasts!
  • Stands over 9” (24cm) tall