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LEGO® Creator Kit

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Collect 5 LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 models – including complete building instructions for 15 models!

Price 81.96 CAD

High-Speed Action with the LEGO® Creator Kit!

LEGO® Creator hits the road with 5 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 models, for a total of 15 incredible vehicles: 31022 Turbo Quad, 31020 Twinblade Adventures, 31017 Sunset Speeder, 31018 Highway Cruiser and 31014 Power Digger.
First, get ready for off-road adventure with the Turbo Quad, complete with working steering and rear suspension. Rebuilds into a mighty monster truck or a cool buggy.
Next, take to the sky with the Twinblade aircraft. Spin the rotor blades to simulate lift-off like a helicopter, then rotate them 90 degrees to soar like an airplane. It even has a ramp to load bricks into the cargo hold! Rebuilds into a biplane or a speedy helicopter.
Then it’s time to cruise the streets with the Sunset Speeder, featuring an orange body with black-and-white stripe, racing wheels and cool headlights. Rebuilds into a truck cab or a racing car.
Hit the streets on the Highway Cruiser, a cool, chopper-style motorcycle with long, angled front forks, wing mirrors, realistic engine and twin exhaust pipe. Rebuild it into a classic motorbike or a rough-and-tough dirt bike.
Got a big job? The Power Digger is ready! Pick up any load and shovel holes with the powerful arm. Operate the rotating cab to work from any angle and open the engine compartment to carry out essential repairs. 
  • Turbo Quad measures over 3˝ (10cm) high, 6˝ (16cm) long and 3˝ (10cm) wide. Monster truck measures over 4˝ (12cm) high, 5˝ (13cm) long and 3˝ (10cm) wide. Buggy measures over 3˝ (8cm) high, 6˝ (17cm) long and 3˝ (10cm) wide.
  • Twinblade aircraft measures over 2˝ (6cm) high, 6˝ (17cm) long and 7˝ (9cm) wide. Biplane measures over 2˝ (7cm) high, 6˝ (17cm) long and 7˝ (18cm) wide. Helicopter measures over 2˝ (7cm) high, 7˝ (19cm) long and 2˝ (6cm) wide.
  • Sunset Speeder measures over 1˝ (4cm) high, 4˝ (11cm) long and 2˝ (6cm) wide. Truck cab measures over 2˝ (7cm) high, 4˝ (12cm) long and 1˝ (4cm) wide. Racing car measures over 1˝ (4cm) high, 5˝ (13cm long) and 2˝ (7cm) wide.
  • Highway Cruiser measures over 3˝ (9cm) high, 6˝ (17cm) long and 1˝ (5cm) wide. Classic motorbike measures over 2˝ (7cm) high, 6˝ (16cm long) and 1˝ (5cm) wide. Dirt bike measures over 2˝ (7cm) high, 5˝ (14cm) long and 1˝ (4cm) wide.
  • Power Digger measures over 1˝ (4cm) high, 4˝ (12cm) long and 1˝ (3cm) wide. Dump truck measures over 1˝ (4cm) high, 2˝ (6cm) long and 1˝ (3cm) wide. Front loader measures over 1˝ (4cm) high, 3˝ (8cm) long and 1˝ (3cm) wide.