LEGO® Belkin Brand iPhone 5 Case Black/Blue

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  • Ages:8+
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Build right on your iPhone 5, with real LEGO® bricks, using the LEGO Belkin Brand iPhone 5 Case, a protective case with LEGO studs!

Price 39.99 CAD

Protect your iPhone 5 with a baseplate case!

Protect your iPhone 5 in functional LEGO® style with the case that doubles as a building baseplate! Attach LEGO bricks and elements to the studs on this blue-and-black baseplate case to build anywhere you go.

  • Features blue LEGO® stud baseplate for building with LEGO bricks
  • Protect your iPhone 5 with Belkin quality and LEGO fun!
  • Build with real LEGO bricks right on your iPhone 5!
  • Only compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s