Jay ZX

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  • Ages:6-14
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  • Pieces:28
  • Retired product

Customize and spin your way to victory with Jay ZX’s 3 weapons, 4 battle cards, LEGO® lift brick, shields and blades!


Customize your Spinjitzu battles with Jay ZX!

Spin your way to victory with Jay ZX. Bring even more trouble for the slithering snakes with the power of lightning in your battles! Customize your spinners like never before with Jay ZX minifigure, shields, blades, LEGO® lift brick, golden weapon, 2 regular weapons and a character card. Use the 4 battle cards included in the set to influence the outcome.

  • Includes Jay ZX minifigure
  • Features shields, blades, LEGO® lift brick, 1 golden weapon and 2 regular weapons, character card and 4 battle cards
  • Battle with your friends!
  • Attach the blades for greater damage!
  • Fit the shields for more protection!
  • Power up your spinners with Ninjago booster packs!
  • Collect all of the Ninjago booster packs for endless Spinjitzu fun!
  • Retired as of December 2012