Legends of Chima™

CHI Laval

  • Item: 70200
  • Ages:6-12
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CHI-up and take on the rival tribes with CHI Laval with poseable and durable design, double sword, shield, lion head, paws, claws and more!

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Build the ultimate Laval – with CHI power!

Transform Laval into a buildable CHI-powered warrior! Pounce on the enemies of the Lion tribe with his double sword and shield, powerful claws, cool spiked shoulder elements and CHI orb chest detailing. CHI Laval is more than a match for CHI Cragger and the slimy Croc tribe!

• Features a CHI double sword and shield, huge claws, cool spiked shoulder elements and CHI orb chest armor• Mount the shield on CHI Laval’s back• Move his super-flexible limbs for action-packed battle poses!• Protect the honor of the Lion tribe• Battle with 70203 CHI Cragger• Combine with 70201 CHI Eris using building instructions available at LEGO.com\Chima\BI to create an even bigger CHI Laval figure• Stands over 7" (19cm) tall