Hero Factory


  • Item: 44020
  • Ages:7-14
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  • Pieces:91
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Get set for a wild rodeo in the sky as the LEGO® Hero Factory FLYER Beast, with its antenna, poison claws and skeleton wings, battles BREEZ.


Launch an aerial attack with FLYER Beast!

Red alert! FLYER Beast, a gigantic skeleton-winged creature is on the loose. It’s been spotted breaking into skyscrapers, using its antenna to locate Antropolis City citizens and grabbing them with its huge poison claws and snapping jaws. BREEZ, zoom into the sky with your powerful jet boots and bring the beast under control with your electro chain. This dangerous beast must be stopped now! Includes BREEZ mini robot with a weapon and accessory.

  • Includes BREEZ mini robot with a weapon and accessory
  • Features poison claws, skeleton wings, snapping jaws and antenna
  • Accessories include jet boots and an electro chain
  • Seek out the heroes with FLYER Beast’s antenna
  • Launch aerial attacks with the huge skeleton wings
  • Attach BREEZ onto the back of the flying Beast for a wild rodeo ride
  • Combine with 44016 JAW Beast and 44021 SPLITTER Beast to create an even bigger beast using building instructions available at LEGO.com/herofactory
  • Stands over 8” (21cm) tall