BrickJournal #27

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Explore 84 color pages all about the creations, techniques and secrets of the best LEGO® fan builders in the world: Iron Builders!


Learn from the best of the best builders in BrickJournal #27!

Read all about the LEGO® fan community’s Iron Builders, the best of the best, and their creations! This all-star issue features a cover by comic artist Paul Lee; Iron Builder models by Lino Martins, Tyler Clites, Brice Lowell, Cole Blaq; and more. Get inspired by these pros to take your building to the next level! Don’t forget to check out the articles on minifigure customization, microscale building, expert tips, step-by-step “You Can Build It” instructions and much more! BrickJournal is published bimonthly.

  • Check out the bimonthly magazine that’s all about building!
  • Learn the secrets to building like the Iron Builders!
  • Get building with BrickJournal tips, tricks and instructions!